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This release brings an important bugfix and some enhancements. Specifically:

  • Fixed an important issue introduced in version 1.7 which caused the server to stop permanently after a system reboot on many Linux distributions.
  • Now, systemd-tmpfiles is used to create temporary folders and files on systemd-based distributions.
  • The main thread now calls the garbage collector on each iteration, reducing memory usage.
  • An internal socket pair has been created. One of the sockets is added to all calls for reading, so the server nolonger delays on stop.
  • On Windows, if you press enter directly on service_manager.cmd, it will prompt for elevated privileges if required.
  • Added an installation script for ArchLinux. It will clean the service and other files when uninstalling.
  • Python2 was called accidentally on ArchLinux on server restart operation.
  • The service is disabled on all systemd-based platforms before uninstalling the package.
  • Code optimizations and other tweaks.

Upgrade note: if you are upgrading from version 1.6 or earlier, you must modify your configuration file and change the pidfile parameter to /var/run/NVDARemoteServer/ Otherwise, the server will fail to start.

@jmdaweb jmdaweb released this Sep 14, 2018 · 20 commits to master since this release

Assets 14

This release brings stability and performance improvements. Detailed list of changes:

  • Fixed a bug which caused connection problems on Windows.
  • Thread events are used instead of queues to monitor channel activity. This reduces memory usage, and makes the checker thread terminating immediately when the channel finishes. The event is set many times to notify the checker thread and support long data transfers and long-duration sessions.
  • The main server runs on its own thread. The main thread is used now with control purposes. If the server thread freezes, the main thread will stop the application.
  • Added an experimental Windows binary built with Python 3.6.6. This version uses Microsoft Universal CRT and an OpenSSL version built with Visual Studio 2017.
  • Added scripts for packaging with pyinstaller and cx-freeze.
  • Reduced classic Windows binary size removing mfc runtime.
  • Now, the kill and status commands should work as expected on old Linux distributions. Documentation has been updated too.
  • All threads now sleep on each iteration, reducing CPU usage.
  • On Windows, now there is only an executable to manage both the service and the standalone server. This means that the server nolonger can be run in standalone mode without console output. Run debug.cmd instead.

@jmdaweb jmdaweb released this Oct 6, 2017 · 86 commits to master since this release

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This release brings the following new features and bug fixes:

  • Added support for IPV6 connections.
  • New option loglevel to control how much information is displayed in the log. Set loglevel=2 to avoid displaying passwords, set to 0 to avoid displaying ip addresses.
  • New option pemfile to choose an alternative pem file with an ssl private key and certificate.
  • New option interface6 to bind the server to a specific IPV6 address. In some platforms, if you bind to all addresses, IPV6 socket will listen connections from IPV4 too.
  • New option port6 to choose a different port for incoming IPV6 connections. Useful only when both IPV4 and IPV6 sockets are being used.
  • The log now displays client ip addresses when connecting and disconnecting (loglevel 1 required).
  • Code optimizations and cleaning.
  • Fixed a regresion introduced in 1.5. International characters should be displayed in debug mode again.
  • Updated pywin32 to build 221 for Windows builds.
  • Updated Python to version 2.7.14 for Windows builds.

@jmdaweb jmdaweb released this Sep 12, 2017 · 99 commits to master since this release

Assets 12

This major update includes the following changes and enhancements:

  • More information in the log file. Now you can see the date and time for an event, and ip address and source ports of the connected clients.
  • The loggin operations now run on a separate thread, so the server should be a bit faster.
  • Added a configuration file and command line parameters to change things like port, listening ip address or file locations.
  • Added an uninstaller for Mac Os x
  • Minor bugs fixed

Debian users: remember to uninstall your current server before installing this version. This is the last time you will have to do it, upgrades are supported since version 1.5!

Jan 14, 2017
Updated Debian changelog. Updated version to 1.4