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This release brings an important bugfix and some enhancements. Specifically:

  • Fixed an important issue introduced in version 1.7 which caused the server to stop permanently after a system reboot on many Linux distributions.
  • Now, systemd-tmpfiles is used to create temporary folders and files on systemd-based distributions.
  • The main thread now calls the garbage collector on each iteration, reducing memory usage.
  • An internal socket pair has been created. One of the sockets is added to all calls for reading, so the server nolonger delays on stop.
  • On Windows, if you press enter directly on service_manager.cmd, it will prompt for elevated privileges if required.
  • Added an installation script for ArchLinux. It will clean the service and other files when uninstalling.
  • Python2 was called accidentally on ArchLinux on server restart operation.
  • The service is disabled on all systemd-based platforms before uninstalling the package.
  • Code optimizations and other tweaks.

Upgrade note: if you are upgrading from version 1.6 or earlier, you must modify your configuration file and change the pidfile parameter to /var/run/NVDARemoteServer/ Otherwise, the server will fail to start.

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