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Rust server port:

This is a multiplayer ascii farming/fighting game.


Working Features

  • Multiplayer
  • Walking around
  • Switching between rooms
  • Persistent inventory
  • Fighting
  • NPC's
  • Farming
  • Building
  • Chat
  • World persistence

Installation/starting instructions

Requires python3, tested to work on at least python 3.5.2 in linux

Because of the use of NCURSES, it probably won't work on windows (will be fixed later)

It works on a mac, but when testing abstract domain sockets didn't work. Use the command line argument -s inet for both client and server to run this on a mac.

Not on pypi yet, but you should be able to install it like this:

python -m pip install git+

Then you can run hostfarm to start the server and asciifarm to play the game!

Playing instructions

Controls can be configured. These are the default controls:

Use the arrow keys or wasd to move around. Use 'e' to add an item from the ground into your inventory. Use 'q' to drop the top item in your inventory. Use 'E' to use/interact with the top item in your inventory. Use 'r' interact with something in the same square as you. Use 'f' to attack an enemy nearby. Use 'F' to attack an enemy in the same square as you. Use WASD to attack enemies in adjacent squares. Use 't' to open the chat input

Advanced installation instructions



basically farmville where you can visit friends gardens to see stuff. maybe leave an ascii character as a present ~m455

... makes me wish instead of irc we were hanging out in a central plaza or bazaar of a roguelike, with little @ signs talking to each other, walking into private buildings to send PMs, etc ~d_m

The idea is to make 3 different kind of areas:

  • private areas, where players can build their own house/farm
    • these areas will be the only one where players can build
    • other players can only enter with permission of the owner
    • maybe some group areas too? (that can be bought with in-game currency)
  • public areas, where players can interact with each other and npcs
    • towns, where players can trade
    • static dungeons, where monsters spawn
    • whatever levels someone feels like making
    • similar to the world of most mmorpgs
  • procedurally generated dungeons, where players can explore and fight for loot
    • like roguelikes
    • if the player dies they can not return to the same dungeon
    • group dungeons would be great too

Helping out

Any help is very welcome.

If you don't know how to help, I made a list of suggestions on how to help


Multiplayer ascii-graphics based RPG/farming game




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