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manydoors doorbot

purpose: tap-in, tap-out with a ISO 14443A keyfob/card to document workspace usage


  1. get a keyfob or keycard (if you have one already, you can use it)
  2. add your rfid number and name/alias to
  3. help document space usage by making door buzz when entering and leaving by tapping on the inside/outside facing coils on the door.


  1. use rfid to record entry/exit at the manylabs door.
  2. automatically updates ids from this github repo when new ones are available
  3. keeps a local event log on the pi
  4. posts a enter/exit events on the #door channel of manylabs slack


  1. login to pi
  2. clone github repo using git clone access_control
  3. create symlink to start service sudo ln -s /home/pi/rfid/access_control/access_control.conf /etc/init/access_control.conf
  4. restart service using sudo service access_control restart
  5. edit crontab for synching github repo crontab -e
  6. add * * * * * cd /home/pi/rfid/access_control && git pull --rebase
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