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jmechner commented Apr 17, 2012

The initial commit of the source code is missing some files, which will be converted and added in the future. Therefore, it is not likely the code can be compiled into a working model... yet.

soffes commented Apr 17, 2012

A readme with instructions on how to compile would be excellent once you get everything there :)

I can't find under which license it is published. Please, add some license file.

gammy commented Apr 17, 2012

I'm glad to see this historical code being published, especially in an as complete form as possible. Cheers Jordan.

The DOS version of this game was what inspired me to get into programming, aged 10. I worked out you could swap out the sprites, so you could play as the skeleton for instance. Thanks for releasing this code - all these years later, and I still can't believe people were able to write code like this in these languages - makes me complain less about JS, that's for sure!

@richbradshaw How about porting it to JS then? :)

@rapido3011 Now that would be awesome… wish I had time for a project like that...

@richbradshaw I do have time but I do not understand this programming language, how times have changed :)

easy, kids. take a breath.


jmechner commented Apr 17, 2012

This is Jason Scott, writing on Jordan's account (which he created for uploading Prince of Persia). He's written a README/License file for the project, and at this moment, this is likely to be the end of any major contribution of Jordan himself to this code. He has added this material at my suggestion to Github to foster creativity and learning, and does not actually use Github. Tony Diaz has a copy of the data files and will be back filling in additional files soon to make the code more complete, but don't expect Jordan to be burning the midnight oil porting this Apple II assembly to anything else. :)

BYK commented Apr 17, 2012

@rapido3011 you can actually use emsciprten to compile it into JS.

berniek commented Apr 17, 2012

What can I say... shitting my pants. I'm reading history.

Thank you for the release.

Ethos commented Apr 17, 2012

Thank you so much for making this available to the public. So many pieces of computing history are gone forever because some corporation or another ended up with the rights to something that they will never have a use for anyway. The time and effort required to make this happen are absolutely appreciated.

Clorr commented Apr 18, 2012

That's a wonderful piece of the game/software programming history. Thanks for releasing it !!!

m0sia commented Apr 18, 2012

How did Jordan manage to edit the images for background/chars? Did he use his own editor for it?

Thank you for releasing the source code. I always wanted to take a look at the source code from the stone age of computer games. Thats amazing!

jkehrel commented Apr 18, 2012

Hi Jordan, what program (Assembler) for the Apple][ did you use to compile this source. BIG MAC (the one I used in the 80th), the one from Roger Wagner or any one from all the other brands around? There used to be more than 10 different assemblers from different authors with quite some special opcodes and very different memory handling for compiling really big sources like yours. Thanks.

jtauber commented Apr 18, 2012

Is it possibly Merlin assembler? It certainly uses a lot of Merlin-like pseudo ops


ghost commented Apr 18, 2012

Thank you for releasing it!! When I had 10, this game was my favorite on my father's computer :)

cbmeeks commented Apr 19, 2012

Thanks for releasing this code on GH!

I made sure to quickly download a copy in case Ubisoft or someone like that gets upset. lol


I missed those times when my old euro pc scheinder II, with CGA ( that's right CGA like in 4 colors ) happilly lagged some key input to the game and the Prince would fall while jumping :D


shchun commented Apr 21, 2012

Thank you for opening the source code. I tried to read the code. but it is nothing I can read. :>

textfiles closed this May 10, 2012


textfiles commented May 10, 2012

We're happy to report that we've put the balance of material into the repository, and so it is theoretically possible to compile prince of persia from this collection of source code and datafiles. We've not tried it, mind you, and encourage people driven enough to try it.

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