converts teledisk to raw images
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converts teledisk to raw images


wteledsk was originally written by Will Kranz for reading Sydex Teledisk images from vintage computers. For more details see here.

The image format was used as well to make images from non-standard floppy disks used in electronic music equipment, such as the AKAI S1000 sampler, or e.g. the General Music S2/3 Music Processor. This software has been used successfully with floppy images of the latter.


usage: wteledsk <filename> [-n#] -o<outputfile> [-p] [-s] [-r]
       -n limit scan to first n sectors
       -o output restructured blocks to a file
       -p display phantom sec_rec.nsec values
       -s warn instead of fatal error on skipped sectors
       -r if repeated sector found, write it out again
 Version 1.01 A

The most useful invocation for converting GEM S2 image files seems to be wteledsk INFILE.TD0 -oOUTFILE.IMG -s.