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SonarQube F# Code Analyzer Plugin

The plugin enables analysis of F# within SonarQube.


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Download latest snapshot from Appveyor:

Description / Features

  • Metrics: LOC, number of classes, number of methods
  • Code duplication detection
  • Based on FSharpLint
  • Runs under .NET Core 3.1 on Windows and Linux



  • Minimal supported version of SonarQube: 7.9 LTS
  • Working on SonarQube 8.0
  • Analyzer uses .NET Core 3.1, the corresponding depencies of .NET Core needs to be installed (especially on Linux). .NET Core is not required to be installed, as the application is self-contained.
  • Operating system (64 bit only): Windows, Linux.


  • Download the JAR plugin file from releases and copy it to the extensions/downloads/ directory of your SonarQube installation.
    • Delete any previous plugin sonarqube-fsharp-plugin-*.jar or sonar-communityfsharp-plugin-*.jar from plugins directory.
  • Restart SonarQube server. The plugin will be moved to the directory extensions/plugins/ and the previous plugin version will be removed. The file logs/sonar.log will contain a log line indicating the loaded plugin or any errors. The installed F# plugin will also be shown on the Marketplace of your SonarQube installation.
  • Review the F# quality profile before running for any updated rule set.

General Configuration

  • sonar.fs.file.suffixes - files extensions to import

Coverage and Tests

Please use generic solutions like or

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