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Static Starter

Project starter to spin up a static site when you don't need a js framework.

The scaffold includes:

The Eleventy static site generator

New, but it has a few things going for it including (1) the flexibility to choose from a ton of template languages and (2) it's written in JS, so there's no dependency on Ruby or Go.

  • Compile Sass to CSS and process with postcss

  • TODO: Decide on a scripts strategy. Do we use webpack, or simply concat files together?

  • TODO: Images optimization with imagemin

  • Live reloading and mobile mirroring with browsersync


The Easy Way

You can use tpl to quickly start a new project with this (or any other) scaffold from Github.

# install tpl
npm install -g @jmegs/tpl
# or
yarn global add @jmegs/tpl

# start your project
tpl jmegs/static-starter YOUR_PROJECT

The Manual Way

  1. Clone the repo and clean up its git brain (remove my git repo and start a new blank one).

     # clone the repo without its full history.
     git clone --depth 1 YOUR_PROJECT
     # remove existing git information and create a new repository.
     rm -rf .git && git init

Getting Started

  1. Install dependencies. Grab a coffee. Breathe deeply.

    # or npm install
  2. Start the development server. All changes will be processed and your site will automatically reload on http://localhost:3000

    yarn start
    # or npm start
  3. When you're done, build the project and deploy dist/ somewhere awesome. I like Netlify and Zeit's Now.

    yarn build
    # or npm run build


  • Pages and content live in src where they will be compiled by the static site generator.
  • Any data files placed in src/_data will be available to all pages inside src
  • CSS, JS, images, and fonts live in their own folders in assets/ where they will be processed by gulp and placed lovingly into dist.
  • Built output lives in dist
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