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A java game based on "Last Night on Earth: the Zombie Game", by Jason C. Hill, from Flying Frog Productions
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lastnight emulates the board game "Last Night on Earth, the Zombie Game", created by Jason C. Hill and produced by Flying Frog.


Card introduced.
Deck manages Cards.
abstract HCard models cards for Hero players to use.
    HEvent has helpful event for Heros.
    Item a HCard that a Hero will hold.
    Weapon a type of Item.
abstract ZCard models cards for Zombie players.
    ZEvent has helpful event for Zombies.
Not yet implemented alongside other components. Nor do any specifics exist.

Hero abstracted. abstract children Student and Adult give basic division of
	Heroes. Individual characters get own classes.
Lucky, Speedy, Clumsy, Captain Awesomepants classes exist.

variables privatized.
Undead abstract-general zombie-children ZombieHero and StdZombie
Dice/Die abstract. Dice includes more fun methods
Center. the middle of the game board. A grid of 6x6 Squares including a Building,
	the manor, or a 3x3 gird of LargeSquares.
LargeSquares. In the center of the game board for some scenarios. Take up the
	space of 4 Squares. not yet used, but connections established.

formatted nicelier.
Board contains a rectangular grid of Squares, constructors create empty boards.
Building does nothing. has a name and belongs to a Board.
charlist contains a list of the characters that must be included as heroes.
Card,Deck nonexistent, will create decks of cards used in game.
Ell has many Squares and a list of Buildings. Not yet implemented. Will create 
	corners of the board: 6x6 grid ignoring a 3x3 corner. Random Buildings 
	from Cards selected first by Ell.
Figure has basics of figures(zombies and heros): movement, wound taking, rolling
	dice in fights, information={name, health, fightDice, location...}
Hero extends figure to model human characters. Contains extra information, 
	constructor, fight method.
Square is one of the squares in the Board. contains coordinates, lists of heros
	and zombies in Square, connections to neighboring squares. claims a 
	Board and a Building to belong to.
TestDice,TestFight,TestMove, for testing aspects of the game.
Zombie extends figure to model zombies. has constructor...
ZombieHero extends Zombie to model ex-Heroes who are zombified. Constructor from
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