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#import <UIKit/UIKit.h>
typedef enum {
AMMenuItemStyleDefault = 0,
// Default display style (what the user has selected)
AMMenuItemStyleText = 1,
// Always display text
AMMenuItemStyleImage = 2,
// Display image where available, otherwise display text
} AMMenuItemStyle;
typedef enum {
AMActionMenuBehaviorDefault = 0,
// Default additional behaviors provided by Action Menu
AMActionMenuBehaviorDisableMenu = (1 << 0),
// Disable the popup menu that Action Menu has added
} AMActionMenuBehaviors;
#define kAMMenuItemPrioritySelect 100
#define kAMMenuItemPrioritySelectAll 200
#define kAMMenuItemPriorityCut 300
#define kAMMenuItemPriorityCopy 400
#define kAMMenuItemPriorityPaste 500
#define kAMMenuItemPriorityDelete 600
#define kAMMenuItemPriorityCorrect 900
#define kAMMenuItemPriorityDefault 1000
#define kAMMenuItemPriorityCopyAll 450
#define kAMMenuItemPriorityHistory 525
#define kAMMenuItemPriorityFavorites 550
#define kAMMenuItemPriorityDial 925
#define kAMMenuItemPriorityLookup 950
#define kAMMenuItemPriorityFind 975
#define kAMMenuItemPriorityTweet 1100
#define kAMMenuItemPriorityScroll 1200
#define kAMMenuItemPriorityBuiltins 510
@protocol AMMenuItem <NSObject>
@property (nonatomic, readonly) SEL action;
// Selector that will be sent to the target when menu item is pressed
@property (nonatomic, readonly) SEL canPerform;
// Selector that will be sent to the target to query whether menu item is valid
@property (nonatomic, copy) NSString *title;
// Localized title of the menu item
@property (nonatomic, assign) UIImage *image;
// Image that will be used to display the menu item
@property (nonatomic, assign) AMMenuItemStyle style;
// Style of the menu item
@property (nonatomic) NSInteger priority;
// Specify the priority of the item
@interface UIMenuController (ActionMenu)
// Plugin Registration functions
- (id<AMMenuItem>)registerAction:(SEL)action title:(NSString *)title canPerform:(SEL)canPerform;
- (id<AMMenuItem>)registerAction:(SEL)action title:(NSString *)title canPerform:(SEL)canPerform forPlugin:(NSString *)pluginName;
// action will be sent to the target when the menu item has been pressed
// canPerform will be sent to the target when the menu is about to be shown and we need to know if the menu item is valid
// title is the localized title of the menu item
// pluginName is the unlocalized title of the plugin
@interface UIResponder (ActionMenu)
- (NSString *)textualRepresentation;
// Called by plugins to get the text of the object; implement manually for custom views
- (NSString *)selectedTextualRepresentation;
// Returns only the selected text; if unimplemented, will call and return textualRepresentation
- (AMActionMenuBehaviors)actionMenuBehaviors;
// Control which additional ActionMenu behaviors are valid on this target
- (BOOL)always;
// Always returns YES (used by actions that are always valid)
@interface UIAlertView (ActionMenu)
- (void)showAboveExistingAlert;
Plugins will be loaded lazily from /Libary/ActionMenu/Plugins when the menu is first shown; this is usually much later than one might expect.
If the user disables a plugin after it has been loaded, the plugin will still be resident in memory, but its items will no longer show.
If the user enables a plugin, it will be loaded the next time the menu becomes visible.
Plugins may be either .dylibs or .bundles
Dylib plugins get a ON/OFF switch in the preferences pane.
Bundle plugins get their own subpane to do what they please with.