Graphical bot runner for bots
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AI Bot Workspace

An Electron application which includes testing workspaces for most competitions.


Game of Life and Death competition window


Game of Life and Death settings window



Make sure you got Java 8 installed and confirm that the java command is available via the command-line.

There are two ways to install the application:

  1. Go to the Releases page and download the latest version for your operating system.
  2. Install Node.js and Yarn, clone this repository, cd into it and install the dependencies by running yarn. Start the application using yarn start.

Install notes

When installing using the first method, note that the application is unsigned. On Windows this means SmartScreen might pop up, which you can get through by clicking "More Info" after which the "Run Anyways" button becomes available. On macOS, the first time you run the application you'll need to manually go to the /Applications folder, right click on the AI Bot Workspace icon and click "Open". This pops up an alert asking you whether you want to run the application, which you need to confirm.


If you installed via the first method, it depends on your operating system. If you are using Linux or Windows, you can automatically update by clicking on the link in the bottom-left of the portal (on Windows it replaces your current installation, on Linux it places the new AppImage in the same directory as the current one).

On macOS, this is not possible due to the fact that the application is not signed. To update on macOS, go to the Releases page again and manually install the latest version (clicking on the link in the bottom-left of the portal will take you to that page aswell).

If you installed via the second method, the only thing you need to do when updating is running git pull and yarn.

Supported competitions

Adding new competitions or features

Read the Contributing document.


This application would not be possible without the game engines, match wrapper and match viewers. All of these were made by the awesome people at Also, thanks to Jim van Eeden for helping out on keeping the application up-to-date.