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Benchmark a web page and display results with a pretty UI.
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WARNING: This is very much alpha!

Using Phantomas (a PhantomJS backed client performance metrics scrapper). Benchmark a page, store results in MongoDB and display result via the built in server.

Note to Window's Users

Sorry guys, I try to make my stuff work for you without having access to a Window's box to test on. In this case not so much. I'm using make or gmake to install Phantomas at this time. You're welcome to fork and submit a pull request with a downloader/extractor that works on Windows, Mac and (most importantly) Linux.

Note to Mac Users

This should work for you, but I don't have access to a Mac to test on. Open a bug if you're having issues and I'll try to find someone's Mac to debug this on.


CentOS needs the following for PhantomJS

yum install freetype fontconfig

  1. Install Node.js
  2. Install mongodb
  3. Install bench
git clone
cd bench
make setup

# npm install is supported (but may be buggy) via:
# $ npm install -g jmervine/bench

See Phapper if you're having issues with PhantomJS.


  1. Update configuration (`./config.json') to reflect your host, path and thresholds.
  2. Run:
# see: node ./index.js --help
node ./index.js ""
# if via npm
# $ bench --help
# $ bench ""

Note: Ignore init, it's not needed with a git checkout. It's for npm install, which isn't working yet.

  1. Start server:
node ./index.js server
# if via npm
# $ bench server

UI Screenshot (as of Aug 27 2013)

Bench UI

Working Example

See a working example of this for my blog ( at