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Getting Started

  1. Things you need

    • Some type of POSIX-y environment, we developed this using Cygwin (on Windows), MacOSX, and Linux.
    • A build environment.
  2. Look at the 'skel' directory and the (forthcoming) 'test' directory to get an idea of how the functions work, etc. Files containing code specific to a particular architecture are placed in folder prefixed by arch_ followed by the arch name (presently, 'pic' or 'cortex').

  3. For everything hax defines, look at 'hax.h'.

  4. To build some user code, cd to a user program directory (for example, 'skel') and type make.

Other Stuff

Included User Code

  • 'comp2010' is code for both RU Vex 2010
  • 'skel' shows the minimal amount of implimentation neccisarry.
  • 'test' is the code we are using to test HAX


  • 'arch_pic' is the IFI setup of a pair of 18F8520 processors, one of which we have easy access to.
  • 'arch_cortex' is the new Vex 2.0 processor released as a beta test to college teams in 2010. Also the excuse for this entire project.

Unimplemented or Untested Features

  • A generic timer/rtc API
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