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Munin plugins for monitoring a Motorola Surfboard6120 Docsis3 Cable Modem
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Munin plugin for the Motorola Surfboard 6120 Cable Modem

This script uses the Munin monitoring framework to graph SNR (signal-to-noise) ratios of your SB6120 cable modem. This script will handle the possible multiple bonded channels your cable modem can use with your ISP.

* Python
* A Motorola SB6120 Cable Modem (

Grab source from Github repo: git://

There are two options to installing the plugin:
* Copy to /etc/munin/plugins.
* Create a symlink from /etc/munin/plugins to the Git checkout plugin script (

Restart munin-node.

Several iterations of the munin-cron service will need to run for graphing to start.

Example Output
jforman@monitor:~/munin-surfboard6120$ ./ config
graph_title SB6120 Signal to Noise (dB)
graph_vlabel dB (decibels)
graph_category network
downstreamsnr0.label Downstream Channel 215
downstreamsnr1.label Downstream Channel 213
downstreamsnr2.label Downstream Channel 214
downstreamsnr3.label Downstream Channel 216
upstreamsnr0.label Upstream Channel 3

jforman@monitor:~/munin-surfboard6120$ ./
downstreamsnr0.value 39
downstreamsnr1.value 39
downstreamsnr2.value 39
downstreamsnr3.value 39
upstreamsnr0.value 42

If you find bugs or have feature suggestions, don't hesitate to send me an email:
github _at_

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