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EAR application to check that JMS ObjectMessage works as expected in AS7.


  • instance of MyResource class is used as the JMS ObjectMessage payload
    • put inside a JAR in EAR's lib/ directory
  • a Servlet send a JMS message with a MyResource instance
    • put inside a WAR in the EAR
  • a MDB consumes the JMS message and is able to use the MyResource instance
    • put inside a EJB JAR in the EAR


  1. Start AS7 with the standalone-full configuration

    $ ${JBOSS_HOME}/bin/ -c standalone-full.xml
  • Deploy the EAR

    $ mvn clean package jboss-as:deploy

    Then go to http://localhost:8080/objectmessage-ear-web/hello and check in the AS7 logs that the HelloWorldMDB has received the ObjectMessage with the MyResource payload

  • Undeploy the EAR

    $ mvn jboss-as:undeploy
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