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This library provides a STOMP client for Web browser (using Web Sockets) or node.js applications (either using raw TCP sockets or Web Sockets).

Project Status

This project is no longer maintained (some context about this decision).

If you encounter bugs with it or need enhancements, you can fork it and modify it as the project is under the Apache License 2.0.

Web Browser support

The library file is located in lib/stomp.js (a minified version is available in lib/stomp.min.js). It does not require any dependency (except WebSocket support from the browser or an alternative to WebSocket!)

Online documentation describes the library API (including the annotated source code).

node.js support

Install the 'stompjs' module

$ npm install stompjs

In the node.js app, require the module with:

var Stomp = require('stompjs');

To connect to a STOMP broker over a TCP socket, use the Stomp.overTCP(host, port) method:

var client = Stomp.overTCP('localhost', 61613);

To connect to a STOMP broker over a WebSocket, use instead the Stomp.overWS(url) method:

var client = Stomp.overWS('ws://localhost:61614');

Development Requirements

For development (testing, building) the project requires node.js. This allows us to run tests without the browser continuously during development (see cake watch).

$ npm install

Building and Testing

Build Status

To build JavaScript from the CoffeeScript source code:

$ cake build

To run tests:

$ cake test

To continuously run tests on file changes:

$ cake watch

Browser Tests

  • Make sure you have a running STOMP broker which supports the WebSocket protocol (see the documentation)
  • Open in your web browser the project's test page
  • Check all tests pass


The project contains examples for using stomp.js to send and receive STOMP messages from a server directly in the Web Browser or in a WebWorker.