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Hi jsmenil,

I'm setting up the heart-beat functionality in my js app. I realized, while checking whether the "PONG" part was working as expected, that the function "now" currently implemented as :

now = function() {
  return || new Date().valueOf;

returns a function in case is defined in the browser. As I'm using Chrome 33.0.1750.117, the function is actually defined.
But when it is used, you expect that the function returns a number instead of being a function.
As a consequence, when the delta between now() and _this.serverActivity is set (L.189 of the stomp.js compiled file), instead of being a number, it is set to NaN. Thus, the comparison to the ttl * 2 fails, and the websocket never closes.

@jmesnil jmesnil added a commit that closed this issue Mar 4, 2014
@jmesnil fix now() function
fixes #52 by making now() return a value and not a function
@jmesnil jmesnil closed this in d42f7e8 Mar 4, 2014
jmesnil commented Mar 4, 2014

I've fixed this issue. Thanks for the report.

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