Advanced Usage

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User settable parameters:

File jmLog                      //maps to -j
  usage: jmLog = file("$buildDir/something.log")

File testFileDir
File jmPropertyFile             //maps to -p, --propfile
File jmAddProp                  //maps to -q, --addprop
File customReportXslt

List<String> jmSystemProperties 
  usage: jmSystemProperties = ['-Dkey1=value1', '', '-XX:+UseG1GC']

String maxHeapSize              //maps to -Xmx
  usage: maxHeapSize = '1024m'

String minHeapSize              //maps to -Xms
  usage: maxHeapSize = '1024m'

Boolean ignoreErrors
Boolean ignoreFailures
Boolean remote

List<File> jmTestFiles           //maps to -t, --testfile
List<File> jmSystemPropertiesFiles //maps to -S, --systemPropertyFile
List<String> jmSystemProperties  //maps to -D, --systemproperty
List<String> jmUserProperties    //maps to -J, --jmeterproperty
List<String> jmPluginJars
List<String> includes
List<String> excludes 

String resultFilenameTimestamp
String reportPostfix
String reportXslt
String maxHeapSize
String reportTitle

Supported JMeter commandline arguments (see full list here):

-p, --propfile {argument}, the jmeter property file to use
-q, --addprop {argument}, additional property file(s)
-t, --testfile {argument}, the jmeter test(.jmx) file to run
-J, --jmeterproperty {argument}={value}, Define additional JMeter properties
-D, --systemproperty {argument}={value}, Define additional System properties
-S, --systemPropertyFile {filename}, a property file to be added as System properties
-r, --runremote (non-GUI only), Start remote servers (as defined by the jmeter property remote_hosts)
-G, --globalproperty (argument)[=(value)], Define Global properties (sent to servers), e.g. -Gport=123,  or

Unsupported, could be added in the future:

-l, --logfile {argument}, the file to log samples to
-H, --proxyHost {argument}, Set a proxy server for JMeter to use
-P, --proxyPort {argument}, Set proxy server port for JMeter to use
-u, --username {argument}, Set username for proxy server that JMeter is to use
-a, --password {argument}, Set password for proxy server that JMeter is to use

Unsupported, unlikely to be added:

-h, --help, print usage information and exit
-v, --version, print the version information and exit
-n, --nongui, run JMeter in nongui mode
-s, --server, run the JMeter server
-L, --loglevel {argument}={value}, Define loglevel: [category=]level , e.g. jorphan=INFO or jmeter.util=DEBUG
-R, --remotestart  server1,... (non-GUI only), Start these remote servers (overrides remote_hosts)
-d, --homedir {argument}, the jmeter home directory to use
-X, --remoteexit, Exit the remote servers at end of test (non-GUI)
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