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munemo 1.0

munemo is a rewrite of rufus-mnemo. The first rewrite was actually in C as mnemo, munemo is a port of mnemo from C to Ruby.

I use munemo and its siblings to turn integers into somehow rememberable words. The rememberable attribute usually has to span a debug session, as I am manually scanning a set of grepped log files for patterns. It helps me to have words I can say out loud instead of numbers. It also helps (not always) when transmitting an identifier over the phone to someone else.

Rufus-mnemo started with the japanese syllables, but mnemo and munemo work with a wider index, 100 syllables, and unlike rufus-mnemo they don't accept wovels on their own.

Munemo exposes two methods, here they are:

# Munemo.to_s(i)

Munemo.to_s(0) # => 'ba'
Munemo.to_s(1) # => 'bi'
Munemo.to_s(99) # => 'zo'
Munemo.to_s(100) # => 'biba'
Munemo.to_s(101) # => 'bibi'
Munemo.to_s(392406) # => 'kogochi'
Munemo.to_s(25437225) # => 'haleshuha'

Munemo.to_s(-1) # => 'xabi'
Munemo.to_s(-99) # => 'xazo'
Munemo.to_s(-100) # => 'xabiba'

# Munemo.to_i(s)

Munemo.to_i('blah blah blah') # => ArgumentError: "unknown syllable 'bl'"

Munemo.to_i('xabixabi') # => ArgumentError: "unknown syllable 'xa'"

Munemo.to_i('munemo') # => 475349
Munemo.to_i('yoshida') # => 947110
Munemo.to_i('bajo') # => 34
Munemo.to_i('xabaji') # => -31
Munemo.to_i('tonukatsu') # => 79523582

I wish you a happy new year!