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[o] table : bench find(1) after set_index
[o] table : bench insert(1) after set_index
[o] align edo#new on tokyo#new
[o] rdoc unix socket for tyrant
[o] edo : tran
[x] bench ux socket
[o] TT (TC) call [lua] function
[o] queryout
[o] impl lget/lput/ldelete in Rufus::Edo::Cabinet
[x] maybe supported different libs for migrations...
no, tctools are here for that.
[x] maybe Edo::Abort vs Tokyo::Abort
[o] unify m/l raise trick for util map/list
[o] misc calls (defrag) for Edo
[o] drop 'backward compatibility' (post 0.1.14)
[o] qgram, token, opt inverted index types
[o] new query FTS conds
[o] first integration of Jeremy's work on Dystopia
[o] implement q.metasearch(q, u)
[o] table/delete_keys_with_prefix, use searchout
[o] default value / default_proc for cabinets
[o] for tables
[ ] ldelete for tables ?
[ ] kwic ?
[ ] TT set master & co
[ ] map/reduce ?
[ ] wire setmutex for Cabinet (and ?)
[ ] copy for tyrant tables ?
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