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Commits on Feb 10, 2010
Commits on Jan 31, 2010
Commits on Jan 7, 2010
  1. 1.0.6 pre

Commits on Jan 6, 2010
  1. 2010

  2. 1.0.5

  3. tcfree for Tyrant as well

Commits on Dec 24, 2009
  1. removed trailing whitespaces

Commits on Dec 22, 2009
  1. updated links (

Commits on Nov 18, 2009
Commits on Nov 16, 2009
  1. release 1.0.3

Commits on Nov 1, 2009
Commits on Oct 30, 2009
  1. preparing 1.0.2

Commits on Oct 14, 2009
  1. @JEG2
  2. @JEG2

    Speed improvements for each().

    JEG2 authored
  3. @JEG2
Commits on Oct 13, 2009
  1. todo : reenabled #copy for Tyrant (Edo and Tokyo) - closes gh-19

    (would be good to have one at hand for tyrant tables)
Commits on Oct 12, 2009
  1. @JEG2

    Added the ability to select the built-in :lexical or :decimal comparison

    JEG2 authored
    functions for B-tree databases, or even set a custom Proc to order the keys.
    This feature is currently only available through the Edo interface.
    I did try to add it to the Tokyo side as well, but it's not possible without a
    lot of work.  The reason is that comparison function must be set before the
    B-tree database is opened.  Because the Tokyo interface uses the abstract
    interface though, the underlying B-tree database isn't created until the open()
    call.  Thus, the abstract interface would need to be abandoned for B-tree
    databases to support this feature.
Commits on Oct 11, 2009
  1. @JEG2

    Fixing multiple bugs in fixed-width databases. First, Edo didn't supp…

    JEG2 authored
    …ort any
    tuning parameters due to an extra argument in the list of supported options.
    Also, keys() and iteration didn't work on these databases, due to fwmkeys() not
    being supported for them.  I switched to using range() on fixed-width databases
    only to get keys() and iteration working.
  2. @JEG2

    Fixing multiple bugs in keys() when called on B-tree databases. First…

    JEG2 authored
    …, keys()
    without :prefix would just crash when using the Edo interface.  Also, keys()
    without :prefix would return duplicate keys due to the use of iteration whereas
    keys() with :prefix (and the underlying C library) would not.
  3. @JEG2
  4. @JEG2
  5. @JEG2

    Provide a class level open() method for all database classes. Previou…

    JEG2 authored
    …sly, only
    the Cabinet type classes had this.  It has now been added to Table type classes
    and Dystopia.
    This change also makes the class level open() function like Ruby's by
    returning the last value in the block.  This introduces a small incompatibility
    since older versions returned nil, but I doubt any code was counting on that.
Commits on Sep 25, 2009
Commits on Sep 24, 2009
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