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[o] port load26 (requires BlockParticipant)
[o] logger service
[o] test logger
[o] object full_dup
[o] engine#remove_service
[o] :receive or :receive_back for when workitems come back from participant
[o] emit :processes :launch :wfid
[o] emit :processes :terminate :wfid only
[o] arch doc
[o] verbose always on
[o] ev : :participants :register/:unregister
[o] test logger always on for tests (in-memory only)
[o] NullParticipant
[o] NoOpParticipant
[o] rufus-dollar
[o] variables in ProcessStatus (process level only)
[o] ProcessStatus#tree
[o] subprocess binding
[o] subprocess lookup
[o] participant lookup
[o] event : launch_sub
[o] event : :processes, :cancelled ?
[o] concurrence : over_if
[o] pool cleanup
[o] fexp : created_time
[o] ps : launched_time
[o] ps : #tags
[o] wi test (and fix) ${f:xyz}
[o] wi#to_h #from_h
[o] wi.params
[o] self rec for [main] process
[o] fexp.modified_time
[o] wfid_gen : rufus-mnemo
[o] fs_error_journal
[o] fs_error_journal : restart test
[o] do errors get removed after being replayed ? yes.
[o] cache storage
[o] fs storage
[o] tag (which implies variables)
[o] event : upon setting tag !
[o] event : upon leaving tag
[o] undo
[o] redo
[o] cancel-process (exp)
[o] cancel_process
[o] cancel
[o] on_error
[o] on_cancel
[o] iterator
[o] iterator : break, cancel, ...
[o] cursor
[o] cursor : jump to tag
[o] loop
[o] if
[o] equals
[o] unset
[o] cursor/loop/iterator : break-if rewind-if
[o] stop passing full exp in message, except for expression updates
[x] engine#reload
[o] participants shutdown
[o] stalled [participant] expressions restart (apply/reply ?)
"re-apply on reload"
[x] workitem.__result__ / why, the workitem itself is the result
[o] tracker
[o] sleep
[o] listen
[o] listen wfid="x"
[o] exploded scheduler
[x] wfid --> piid (stick with the funny old name)
[o] persisted tracker
[o] wfidgen.shutdown (close wfidgen.last)
[o] conditional for everybody
[o] timeout for everybody
[o] __timed_out__ = true ? (wi.fields)
[o] engine.processes()
[o] kill_process != cancel_process (need a way to not trigger on_cancel)
[o] pdef.to_dot (a beginning)
[o] @in_cancel, @in_error --> @state (active|cancelling|killing)
[o] wait
[o] Jason Allen's check about concurrence
[x] on_cancel => 'error' NO
[o] event on [un]setting variable
[o] condition : != ~= >= ....
[o] fs_participant
[o] participant : do thread (and do_not_thread)
[o] add test for error replay in participant
[o] forget : participant ? subprocess ? everybody
[o] Ruote.VERSION = "2.0.0" for Kenneth
[o] on_timeout => 'part|sub' (idea by hassox)
[o] on_timeout => 'error' (idea by hassox)
[o] exp : concurrent-iterator < concurrence
[o] exp : reserve
[o] exp : unset
[o] exp : save
[o] exp : restore (and its set-fields alias)
[o] participant : if EM is present use next_ or defer instead of
[o] XML process definitions
[o] remote process definitions
[o] json process definitions
[o] check nested ${f:a.b.c}
[o] test : participant in error timeout (error should cancel timeout)
[o] nested set wi.fields['a.b.0'] = x
[o] nested save wi.fields['a.b.0'] = x
[o] parser.rb : test security check
[o] add Ruote::Launchitem
[o] participant#cancel pass flavour as well nil|:kill|:timeout
[o] BlockParticipant : |workitem, fexp|
[o] listeners
[o] engine.wait_for
[o] func tests : wire assert_no_errors back in
[o] timeout set by participant [implementation]
[o] test for wfids of errors in subprocesses !
[o] Ruote::Exp:: namespace for expressions
[o] exp : apply (ex-eval)
[o] apply : attributes to variables
[o] subprocess : attributes to variables
[o] concurrent_iterator :times => X
[o] iterator defaults to :to_v => 'i'
[o] concurrent_iterator defaults to :to_v => 'i'
[o] set "f:x" => "blah"; set "v:y" => [ 1, 2 ] (defaults to f:)
[o] subprocess :ref => uri
[o] participants : pass the &block under the option :block
[o] concurrence : :over_unless
[x] engine#register_subprocess (replaced by engine#variables)
[x] switch to JSON friendly pers format for flow expressions
[o] switch to JSON friendly pers format for workitems
[o] rewind :ref => 'tag_of_cursor_exp' (direct) :tag oriented.
[o] exp : error
[o] wait 0.500 / wait 60
[x] exp : reval : not needed, participants are here
[o] exp : inc ? if target is array, becomes append (not cons)
[o] exp : dec ? if target is array, then pop (not car)
[o] _if '${f:x} == ${f:y}'
[x] equals : equals "v:v" => "true" NO => evokes assignment
[x] if : _if "v:v" => "true" ? NO => evokes assignement
[x] deferred apply technique / not OK, with EM and next_tick / pro
[o] reserve : perhaps it's better to have an atomic get and set variable...
[o] clean up lookup_var/set_var into locate_var/lookup_var/set_var
[x] Sun Hao's up-to-date-tree idea ${f:participant_name} ps#resolved_tree
[o] error : when an error expression is cancelled, should the err get removed
from the process status ? yes.
[o] file logger / history service
[o] engine.process_history(wfid)
[o] add_branch :times/:branches
[o] cursor : :break_if / :break_unless
[o] exp : when (exploit :var :set event, or frequency)
[o] when : restart test
[o] when : cron frequency
[o] let listeners accept launchitems
[o] exp : cron
[o] exp : every
[o] write rt test for 'timeout'
[o] undo exp : alias to 'cancel'
[o] Andrew's at for timeouts (Chronic maybe)
[x] timeout :at and :after (timeout expression vanished)
[x] listen : should it forget its triggered children ? yes
[o] limit the number of msgs returned
[o] should redo/undo follow the example of command and add_branches ?
everything through reply (receive)
should re_apply not touch the state of its expression ?
[o] test undo when cancelling parent expression
[o] issue with :unless => '${f:index} == 2000'
[o] implement Engine#reply (Engine simply has to include ReceiverMixin
[o] listeners X receivers
[o] add_service(name, path, klass, opts={}) opts local to services (really?)
[o] add_branches : pass message to concurrent_iterator like a command expression
[o] clean up persists present in #apply
[o] maybe cancel should have a safely / redo_reply thing
[o] implement Storage#clear!(type)
[o] ruote/util/time.rb utc_to_s 'YYYY/MM/DD' --> 'YYYY-MM-DD' (regex friendly)
[x] store participant bytecode/AST ?
[o] ${r:puts(d("f:nada"))}
[o] :ruby_eval_allowed vs 'ruby_eval_allowed'
[o] check : what if a reply on a concurrence wants to save, whereas the
concurrence terminated (got removed) meanwhile ?
the reply returns true...
[o] implement StorageHistory
[x] nuke FsHistory ? keep
[o] EngineParticipant
[x] expstorage.to_dot
[o] process_status.to_dot
[o] EngineParticipant : don't wait in case of forget (reply could NEVER come !)
[x] align :forget behaviour on EngineParticipant forget... OK as it is
[o] engine.re_apply(fei, wi) (thanks Torsten)... :wi => x, :tree => y...
[o] ruote-dm 2.1
[o] :tree => Ruote.to_tree { participant 'alpha' }
[o] implement == eql? hash for workitem
[o] StorageParticipant#query(wfid, participant_name, {fields})
[x] break fs_history, prepare for dm_history
[o] part = engine.register_participant :alpha, StorageParticipant should work...
[o] concurrence :merge_type => 'stack'
[o]'msgs' =>''), ...)
[x] let the storage participant leverage Ruote::FlowExpressionId.from_id(s)
[o] Andrew's technique
[o] Avishai : LocalParticipant : repost dispatch message
[o] Rdoc Ruote::Engine.register_participant -> passing a block to a participant
and perhaps also on (Avish)
[o] wrap workitem in process error ? for on_error consumption (thanks Oleg)
doing workitem.fields['__error__'] = [ fei, time, error_message ]
[o] HashStorage should emit 'init persist fail' messages as well !
[o] Oleg's idea about participant on_reply
on_reply should be done in the receive action, not in Receiver
thus, in the ParticipantExpression
[x] exp : step (jump to cursor tag ?) : there is already the jump expression
[x] auto-participant re-apply
[o] receiver should be OK with a storage or a context
[x] Avishai : Worker : hook for rejecting the dispatch message
[o] receiver / local participant : reply/forward/proceed/... mess : fix
[o] storage participant : accept string for fei
[o] => Ruote::FlowExpressionId.extract(x)
[o] fei : place engine id in fei.to_storage_id (and back)
[o] wait_for(:inactive) blocks until worker is inactive
[o] storage0.copy_to(storage1) / migrate_to as requested by Matt Nichols
[o] check if rufus-lru is still needed
[o] storage migration : eats all the memory :(
[x] remove dependency on rufus-scheduler
[o] engine.storage_participant
[o] engine.noisy = true shortcut
[o] (ft_27) set "v:mypart" => [ 'MyParticipant', {} ]
binding a participant on the fly (just for this process)
[o] participant timeout as an instance method
[o] engine.process_wfids (lighter than engine.processes)
[o] storage.get_many(x, y, :descending => true) ?
[o] storage_participant.query : use skip and limit
[o] engine.processes use skip and limit
[o] engine.errors use skip and limit
[o] ParticipantEntry is a bit brittle when editing engine.participant_list
[o] use blank slate for process definition
[o] lib/ruote/svc for treechecker, error_handler and co (tree_checker)
[o] part/template.rb, use Rufus::Json.pretty_encode
[o] storage.clear OR storage.purge! OR both (cf discussion with marc_lee) !!
[o] Nathan : throw error on ${ruby:...} when ruby_eval_allowed is not set
[o] engine.kill and engine.cancel should accept fei, fexp or wfid
[o] participant params['tags'] = [ a, b, c ] ? costly (x expressions to read)
but passing them in the workitem could be fun
field['__tags__'] ?
[x] use treetop for more complex "${f:x} AND ${f:y}" ?
(systems like Rails require it anyway)
NO : using ruby_parser instead
[o] TreeChecker : exclude_fvccall :at_exit
[o] _if '${f:x} == ${f:y} || ${f:x} == ${f:z}'
[x] beanstalk [as a] workqueue ?
[o] tree.to_xml (require builder ?)
[o] tree.to_ruby
[o] __command__ + tag (rewind that cursor there, not the current one)
[o] rewind 'x' where x is a tagname (command x)
[o] solve the ps#root_expression_for(fei) dilemma
[x] condition : "${f:x} [is] empty" / this one is hard
[o] when : add test for cancelling when child has been triggered / is running
[x] alias "when" to "whenever" ?
[x] alias "when" to "on" / "upon"
[o] alias "when" to "once" "once x == y do"
[o] condition : "${'x} [is] empty" since ${array} => "[]"
[x] simple worker hooks ? (as discussed with @hassox)
on_terminate... ? only works in the same process as the worker
only for tests...
[o] on_error => retry / pass
[o] workitem : #as_json and #from_json
since ruote depends on rufus-json...
[x] engine.on_error = 'participant_name' // 'subprocess_name'
done at :
`--> reverting that for now, too dangerous
[o] process_count and error_count ? (processes(:count => true))
[o] exp : case (is it necessary ?) (guards ?) (hard for ruote-fluo)
[o] exp : lose
[o] conditional : rprefix ! ${r:x} is perhaps sufficient
[o] implement kill_process! (kill_expression! ?)
[o] /!\ resurrect CI
[o] user3 :rif => "!wi.fields['approvers'].include?('user3')" : 'in' operator
"${customer} in [ 1, 2, 3 ]"
"${customer} in { 'x' => 1 }"
[o] rename 'parser' to 'reader'
[o] ft_42 : maybe require storage to output ids already sorted
[o] Participant#rtimeout(workitem=nil)
[o] alias concurrent-iterator to citerator
[o] like we have a default WaitLogger, why not have a default HistoryLogger ?
so that context.history always returns something...
the default history would be storage based but with LRU turned on
for the HashStorage one...
like WaitLogger only remembers 147 msgs...
[o] StorageHistory : add a method to list all wfids (for by_wfid)
[o] DefaultHistory : add a method to list all wfids (for by_wfid)
[x] issue with ruote-kit and inpa participants...
[x] .nil? .empty? .set? for "${x}.nil?"
[o] BlockParticipant : proc.to_source thanks to sourcify
[o] register :overwrite { ... } ? (wipes all the participants)
[o] pause engine
[o] pause process instance
[o] filter : blank? equivalent (maybe it already exists)
[o] eft_18 weak with jruby-1.5.1 and 1.5.6
[o] participant : consume/cancel/accept?/on_reply without params
[o] participant : consume -> on_workitem
[o] remove abort_on_exception=true
[o] concurrence / concurrent_iterator : merge_type => 'discard' / 'ignore'
keep track of the first "process sub id" ?
[o] register :toto, :accept? => lambda { |workitem| ... }
[o] register :toto, :do_not_thread => lambda { |workitem| ... }
[o] :on_timeout => :rewind (break, jump to x)...
[o] :on_error => :rewind (break, jump to x)...
[o] worker identification/registration
[o] worker shutdown initiated by engine (same thread)
[o] set :var => 'y' { '2342342' }
[o] wfid generator UTC?
[o] iterator: drop the need for the sequence --> implicit sequence
[o] citerator: drop the need for the sequence --> implicit sequence
[o] move test/unit/storage[s].rb to test/functional/
[x] exp : defined (not really necessary)
[x] exp : quote (not really necessary)
[x] exp : field / attribute (not really necessary)
[x] exp : variable (not really necessary)
[ ] exp : at expression ? comparable to cron
[x] exp : exp (restricted form of eval ?) (is it apply ?)
[x] exp : filter
[x] exp : filter-definition
[x] exp : parameter
[ ] exp : log : or could it be a participant ?
[x] wait_for(:participant) what about 'dispatched' instead of 'dispatch' ?
[ ] define without name (__result__)
[ ] participant dispatch thread throttling ?
[ ] tailcall
- is it really necessary? The storage is the limit.
[ ] subprocesses participants (alias ?)
[ ] recursion : should cope with modified trees 'main' => :tree ??
[ ] file/fs_listener [example] ?
[ ] concurrence / concurrent_iterator : merge plugin ?
use participant for that ?
[ ] restore : implement merge strategies
[ ] one file, no multi-process, persistence ? LateHashStorage ?
[ ] apply : ruby or xml (instead of just ast) ?
[ ] history.to_tree ?
[ ] Ruote.process_definition ... Ruote.method_missing or sequence ?
[ ] @children diff/undiff idea ?
[o] cursor : 'reset' command ?
[ ] cursor : 'restart' alias for 'reset' ?
[ ] repeat : have a counter in a variable (:to => x maybe) (subprocessid ?)
[ ] engine.cancel_forgotten_children(wfid) ?
[ ] port subprocess on_cancel test from ruote 0.9
[ ] double-check on_cancel rewrite (ft_1_process_status)
[ ] verify get_last/get_raw logic, no + 0.0001...
[x] spare 1 get_msg by caching msg (but keep 'deleting')
[ ] [un]set_var : via message ? should be ok like that... Not much traffic there
[ ] empty iterator or concurrent-iterator, log ? crash ? empty while...
[ ] shell ? irb ?
[ ] focus on fulldup or json.dup (via fulldup ?)
[ ] should __error__ contain the tree ?
[ ] engine.on_cancel = 'participant_name' // 'subprocess_name'
[ ] participant :ref => '${f:nada}', :or => 'xyz'
(look at OpenWFE manual, this feature already existed in there)
else-ref... list of participants...
ref="alpha && bravo", ref="alpha||bravo" (|| parallel :( )
[ ] LocalParticipant def consume; handle; reply; end
[ ] find better solution than "get all schedules"
... or discard get_schedules completely
[ ] worker : minuteman, make it cron triggerable
trap SIGUSR1 or USR2
maybe it's expensive to fire a [worker] process each minute
have to write the $$ (pid) somewhere for cron to pick it up
[ ] toto :task => 'maw the lawn', :within => '3d'
alias to timeout
[ ] "business days" plugin
[ ] participant 'toto', :while => '${not_good}' (really ?)
[ ] re_apply_stalled
[ ] engine.purge (arts style: worker.@msgs = [])
[ ]
configuration issue
maybe fail with a good error message when registering service...
[ ] engine.register_from_dir() have a way to re-evaluate the dir
[o] OR remove engine.register_from_dir()
[o] AND provide a better register &block
[o] provide a mean for a participant to reject a workitem (intra plist)
on_reply and now filter ?
[ ] StorageParticipant#by_store[_name]
maybe : reform the store_name system !
[ ] a run of ruby -w
[x] cursor : previous_command field ? not really necessary with :break_if => x
[ ] storage_participant.by_participant([ a, b, c, d ], opts)
storage_participant.by_participant(a, b, c, d, opts) too
leverage things like
[ ] receiver/base.rb : fexp.lookup_variable --> lookup_variable ?
[ ] engine/receiver #reply(workitem or fexp or fei) ?
[ ] workitem : short constructor, cf
[ ] engine.force_reply_to_parent(fei) ?
but, this is a cancel_expression(fei)
[ ] concurrence : add_child ?
How would that impact concurrent_iterator's add_branches ?
[ ] detach / attach segments of processes
[x] clone process ? (could be used by {de|at}tach)
what about participants ?
[ ] console for InformatiQ / console or dashboard or tool ?
[ ] : there are already storage copy methods
[o] doc : enhance doc on conditional (and, empty, null, ...)
[o] doc : document engine.on_{error|terminate}
[o] doc : document on_error = retry and on_error = pass
[ ] doc : add piece of doc about running workers on their own
[o] listen to errors {in|out}
well... there is already on_error...
but on_error is for nested stuff...
[o] listen to tags {entering|leaving}
[x] listen to launch/terminate, listen :process => :x, :upon => 'launching'
you can now set :tag on a subprocess' define
[ ] listen to [un]set variable (the events are already in there)
not really necessary... there is already 'once' (when)
[o] listen condition ? :when => '${x} == y', :constraint, :only, ...
it's :where and it's not documented :-( but it's tested :-)
[o] engine#on_terminate, similar to on_error
[o] let engine#on_error use svc/tracker.rb instead of 'notifications'
[ ] process supervise other process, listen...
launch a process with a designed 'supervisor' ?
listen to termination, listen to error, for a given process ?
[ ] ruote cheatsheet
[ ] ruote slides
[x] ci : ruote-amqp
[o] ci : ruote-mon
[ ] ci : jruby
[ ] ruote-doozer?
[ ] StorageParticipant#proceed : raise if workitem not found ?
[ ] StorageParticipant#proceed : accept fei ?
[ ] Engine#reply(wi), should remove from storage...
[ ] expression :concurrent => true idea (reply immediately, cancellable)
[ ] @engine.context['trust_block_participants'] = true
[ ] @engine.context['trust_code_participants'] = true
[ ] @engine.register(x, :trusted => true, &block)
[ ] security service ? context['x'] but then, more advanced behaviours
[ ] subaltern
[x] investigate 1.9's json
[ ] Parslet for conditions?
[ ] subaltern for conditions?
[ ] enhance radial/Parslet error messages (cf Raphael)
[ ] concurrence: allow empty
[o] citerator: allow empty
[ ] concurrence: reply_to_parent instead of cease when no more children ?
[ ] cursor: deeper jumps
[ ] on_cancel like on_error expression
[ ] on_timeout like on_error expression (or make timeout an error)
[ ] #get_msgs to cover #get_schedules (make #get_schedules empty)
[ ] eft_6_concurrence : 2 Fs when running standalone...
[ ] get rid of the "web" test[s]
== 3.0
[ ] deprecate get_schedules
(let the storage include triggered schedules as msgs)
[ ] deprecate "trackers as variables"
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