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WARNING : work on this sub-project has ceased. A Rails plugin (Ruote, open source ruby workflow engine)
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= ruote_plugin

WARNING : since this sub-project is ruote 0.9.x based, work has ceased here for now. see and

WARNING : ruote, as a workflow engine, currently relies heavily on threading. So a multiprocess deployment target is not OK. Passenger is not OK either.

== Overview

Minimal integration of Ruote into a Ruby on Rails application

Once installed, the plugin will add a ruote_engine method to your controllers so that you get access to workflow engine quite easily.

You can also access the engine directly via 


Note that the plugin also adds a shutdown hook to your application to make sure the workflow engine gets stopped in a clean way.

== Usage

Two steps : getting the plugin and then using it to generate the db migrations necessary to the Ruote workflow and bpm engine.

=== get the plugin into vendor/plugins

Three ways to do that. (a) is the most straightforward. If you need to track the development of the ruote_plugin (b) or (c) are probably better.

(a) the script/plugin way

in your Rails application do :

  script/plugin install git://

(b) the .git way

  cd vendor/plugins
  git clone git://

(c) the git submodule way

your Rails application needs to be a git working copy


  git submodule add git:// vendor/plugins/ruote_plugin

=== generate the migrations

Two variants here, 'basic' or 'all'. I recommend 'basic', it will create the tables for workitems and for history. 'all' will create tables for expression persistence. If your admin is more confortable with database backups than with filesystem backups then 'all' (b) is for you.

The migrations will be found under db/migrate/ as should be.

(a) 'basic'

  script/generate ruote_plugin basic

(b) 'all'

  script/generate ruote_plugin all

=== install Ruote and its dependencies

The plugin comes with 2 rake tasks for installing the workflow engine itself, either inside of vendor/plugins/ruote_plugin/lib_ruote with all its dependencies, either as a gem (plus gem dependencies).

  rake ruote:install


  rake ruote:gem_install

== Links

ruote-web2 is the first 'client' application of this plugin :

== Feedback

user mailing list :
developers mailing list :

issue tracker :  

irc :             #ruote

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