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GameBoy emulator

0.59: [22/07/2012]
      Build system is now CMake.
0.58: No hard coded palette anymore, time to port to 5800 :)
0.57: gbemu support rom file from command line
0.56: Real tetris splash displayed, need to implement palettes correctly.
0.55: Tetris Splashscreen displayed correctly !!
0.50: Something displayed !!!
0.40: flyspray, sdl, leave *properly* by pressing a key (close FS#2, FS#7)
      2 news compilation flags, WITH_X11 & WITH_SDL
      Add ReleaseNotes.txt (this file)
      Add flags.h, whhich contain definition of all flags.
0.38: bugzilla3, svn (Leaving git)
0.37: 16k opcodes work ... but no display yet !
0.36: Emulator init screen correctly ... but nothing more :)
0.35: First run of, nothing work yet :D
0.30: 100% of standard & extended OP codes are implemented
0.25: eSET_*_*, eRES_*_*, eBIT_*_*
0.24: Refactoring. XCPU::Rotate
0.23: 100% of standard OP codes are implemented.
0.22: Most of standard OP codes are implemented.
0.21: More OP codes.
0.20: CPU ready to test and partially implemented
0.17: XMemory::Write & XMemory::Read seem enough implemented
0.16: DMA
0.15: More I.O Ports
0.14: I.O Port 7 : Ticks and timer on/off
0.13: I/O Ports >=0x6
0.12: +IMem::Read, +IMem::Write
0.11: Refactoring
0.10: GNU/Linux port works
0.09: IO Ports embryon
0.08: +XMemory::Read()
0.07: We can leave emu properly : q
0.06: Surface works
0.05: Surface based on XImage (XLIB) for GNU-Linux (emulate LCD) in XVideoRam
0.04: Save/load game (ie internal ram), timer embryon
0.03: Rom & Rams loaded from cartridge XRom, XRam, XSwitchableRam & XVideoRam
0.02: CPU opcodes & XCpu
0.01: Initial release
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