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React Isomorphic Demo app

This project serves as either a very simple boilerplate to start building an isomorphic application in React.js or as an example of one way that it can be done.

Please see the walkthrough for a more thorough explanation of the code.


  • React.js
  • Webpack
  • Express
  • react-router
  • Babel
  • Jade

Installation instructions

In the project's directory, run the following commands:

 $ npm install
 $ npm start

In Windows npm can not yet run operation in parallel so we add in npm-run-all
Change the start command in package.json to:
"start": "npm-run-all --parallel watch-js dev-server server",

$ npm install
$ npm install --save-dev npm-run-all
$ npm start

When the servers are started, visit http://localhost:3000 to see a Hello world page.

Next steps:

  • Consider the best way to handle flux. There are many options that work in conjunction with the isomorphic server (namely flummox or fluxible). Both of these projects go into great detail about how to add their libraries into an isomorphic app.
  • Improve the build task system. Using npm scripts is definitely the simplest but a quick look at the package.json shows how complicated it can quickly become.
  • Separate out dev and prod environments using Jade and multiple webpack configuration files
  • Improve the hierarchy of the folders. server is a mess right now and should be cleaned up/separated into a structure that makes more sense and is easier to maintain.
  • Make the server rendering and client rendering asynchronous


While outdated, this repo was heavily inspired by acdlite and his demo app for flummox


My attempt at providing an isomorphic React app



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