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Files for atmega 1284p to work with Arduino 0023
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Sanguino files for atmega1284p

Runs with Arduino0023


-Bootloader taken from
-Fuses set according to

	Low 0xD6
	High 0xDC
	Ext  0xFD

-Sanguino files based on

-avrdude.conf edited to include 1284p

-You cannot use a USBTinyISP with a 1284p as that programmer cannot cope with more thsan 64k flash.
 The Pololu AVR-USB programmer works well, and in theory using another Arduino as ISP should also work.


1. Download/Install Arduion-0023. This can be found here:
2. Copy contents to /arduino-0023/hardware/ folder (/tools/avrdude.conf will be overwritten)
3. Burn bootloader to 1284p
4. Flash firmware
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