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(ns pong
(:import (javax.swing JFrame)
(java.awt Color Font Dimension GraphicsEnvironment Toolkit)
(java.awt.event KeyListener)))
; The pong in Clojure
; by Cesar Canassa and Julio Nobrega
; 2011-02-26
; References:
; This atom stores if the racquet is going up (1) down (-1) or is stopped (0)
(def racquet-left-state (atom {:up false :down false}))
(def racquet-right-state (atom {:up false :down false}))
(def *paused* 0)
(def *running* 1)
(def game-state (atom *paused*))
; On scoring, ball will be thrown from an arc between -0.2 and 0.2
(defn rand-ball-arc
(/ (- (rand) 0.8) 5)
;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Colision checking ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
(defn colision-top?
(< ((game :ball) :y) (+ (game :bleacher-height) (game :lane-size))))
(defn colision-bottom?
(> ((game :ball) :y) (- (game :window-height) (game :ball-size))))
(defn colision-right?
(> ((game :ball) :x) (- (game :window-width) (game :ball-size))))
(defn colision-left?
(< ((game :ball) :x) 0))
(defn colision-racquet-left?
(let [ball (game :ball)
racquet (game :racquet-left-pos)
top (- racquet (game :racquet-middle-height))
bottom (+ racquet (game :racquet-middle-height))]
(and (< (ball :x) (+ (game :racquet-distance) (game :racquet-width)))
(> (ball :y) top)
(< (ball :y) bottom))))
(defn colision-racquet-right?
(let [ball (game :ball)
racquet (game :racquet-right-pos)
top (- racquet (game :racquet-middle-height))
bottom (+ racquet (game :racquet-middle-height))]
(and (> (ball :x) (- (game :window-width) (game :ball-size) (game :racquet-width) (game :racquet-distance)))
(> (ball :y) top)
(< (ball :y) bottom))))
;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Colision actions ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
(defn collided-right
(let [ball (game :ball)]
(merge game {:ball (merge ball {:x (* (/ (game :window-width) 4) 3)
:y (+ (game :bleacher-height) (rand-int (game :window-height)))
:sx (- (ball :ball-starting-sx))
:sy (rand-ball-arc)
:player-left-score (inc (game :player-left-score))
(defn collided-racquet-right
(let [ball (game :ball)
racquet (game :racquet-right-pos)
hit (/ (- (ball :y) racquet) (game :racquet-middle-height))]
(merge game {:ball (merge ball {:x (- (game :window-width) (game :ball-size) (game :racquet-width) (game :racquet-distance))
:sx (* -1 (Math/cos hit) (game :speed))
:sy (* (Math/sin hit) (game :speed))})
:speed (+ (game :speed) (game :increment))})))
(defn collided-left
(let [ball (game :ball)]
(merge game {:ball (merge ball {:x (/ (game :window-width) 4)
:y (+ (game :bleacher-height) (rand-int (game :window-height)))
:sx (ball :ball-starting-sx)
:sy (rand-ball-arc)
:player-right-score (inc (game :player-right-score))
(defn collided-racquet-left
(let [ball (game :ball)
racquet (game :racquet-left-pos)
hit (/ (- (ball :y) racquet) (game :racquet-middle-height))]
(merge game {:ball (merge ball {:x (+ (game :racquet-distance) (game :racquet-width))
:sx (* (Math/cos hit) (game :speed))
:sy (* (Math/sin hit) (game :speed))})
:speed (+ (game :speed) (game :increment))})))
;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Object updates ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
(defn update-ball
[game step]
(let [ball (game :ball)]
; The cond form is usually a bad ideia. There should a better way to do this.
; This requires some serious DRY
(colision-racquet-left? game) (collided-racquet-left game)
(colision-racquet-right? game) (collided-racquet-right game)
(colision-top? game) (merge game {:ball (merge ball {:y (+ (game :bleacher-height) (game :lane-size))
:sy (* -1 (ball :sy))})})
(colision-bottom? game) (merge game {:ball (merge ball {:y (- (game :window-height) (game :ball-size))
:sy (* -1 (ball :sy))})})
; Apply the physics
:else (merge game {:ball (merge ball {:x (+ (ball :x) (* step (ball :sx)))
:y (+ (ball :y) (* step (ball :sy)))})}))))
(defn update-racquet
[game position state step]
(let [top (+ (game :bleacher-height)
(game :racquet-middle-height))
bottom (- (game :window-height) (game :racquet-middle-height))]
; Collisions
(< position top) top
(> position bottom) bottom
; Position updates
(and (= (state :up) true) (= (state :down) true)) position
(= (state :up) true) (- position (* step (game :racquet-speed)))
(= (state :down) true) (+ position (* step (game :racquet-speed)))
:else position)))
(defn update-game
[game step]
(let [game (update-ball game step)
racquet-left (update-racquet game (game :racquet-left-pos) @racquet-left-state step)
racquet-right (update-racquet game (game :racquet-right-pos) @racquet-right-state step)]
(colision-right? game) (collided-right game)
(colision-left? game) (collided-left game)
(merge game {:ball (game :ball)
:racquet-left-pos racquet-left
:racquet-right-pos racquet-right}))))
;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Draw, Keypress, Main loop ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
(defn drawn
[frame game fps]
(let [buffer (.getBufferStrategy frame)
graphics (.getDrawGraphics buffer)
ball (game :ball)
racquet-left-position (game :racquet-left-pos)
racquet-right-position (game :racquet-right-pos)]
(doto graphics
; Clears the screen
(.setColor Color/BLACK)
(.fillRect 0 0 (game :window-width) (game :window-height))
(.setColor Color/WHITE)
; Draw the ball
(.fillOval (ball :x) (ball :y) (game :ball-size) (game :ball-size))
; Draw the court top lane
(.fillRect 0 (- (game :bleacher-height) (game :lane-size)) (game :court-width) (game :lane-size))
; Draw the court division lane
(.fillRect (- (/ (game :court-width) 2) (game :lane-size))
(game :bleacher-height)
(game :lane-size)
(game :court-height))
; Draw both racquets
(.fillRect (game :racquet-distance)
(- (game :racquet-left-pos) (game :racquet-middle-height))
(game :racquet-width) (game :racquet-height))
(.fillRect (- (game :window-width) (+ (game :racquet-width) (game :racquet-distance)))
(- (game :racquet-right-pos) (game :racquet-middle-height))
(game :racquet-width)
(game :racquet-height))
; Draw both scores
(.setFont (new Font "Courier" (. Font BOLD) 50))
(.drawString (str (game :player-left-score)) (/ (game :window-width) 4) (game :score-height))
(.drawString (str (game :player-right-score)) (* (/ (game :window-width) 4) 3) (game :score-height))
; Draw FPS counter
(.setFont (new Font "Courier" (. Font PLAIN) 20))
(.drawString (str "FPS: " fps) 770 20))
(when (= @game-state *paused*)
(let [font (new Font "Courier" (. Font BOLD) 100)
metrics (.getFontMetrics graphics font)
paused "GAME PAUSED"
paused-width (.stringWidth metrics paused)
paused-x (/ (- (game :window-width) paused-width) 2)]
(.setFont graphics font)
(.setColor graphics Color/RED)
(.drawString graphics "GAME PAUSED" paused-x (/ (game :window-height) 2))
(.setFont graphics (new Font "Courier" (. Font BOLD) 50))
(.drawString graphics "p: Start/Pause" paused-x (+ (/ (game :window-height) 2) 60))
(.drawString graphics "a z: Move left racquet" paused-x (+ (/ (game :window-height) 2) 110))
(.drawString graphics "j m: Move right racquet" paused-x (+ (/ (game :window-height) 2) 160))
(.drawString graphics "q: Quit" paused-x (+ (/ (game :window-height) 2) 210))
; It is best to dispose() a Graphics object when done with it.
(.dispose graphics)
; Shows the contents of the backbuffer on the screen.
(.show buffer)))
(defn swap-key
[atom struct]
(swap! atom merge @atom struct))
(defn handle-keypress
(case e
; Exits when 'q' is pressed
\q (System/exit 0)
\p (reset! game-state (if (= @game-state *paused*) *running* *paused*))
; Pressing 'a' or 'z' updates the left racquet state
\a (swap-key racquet-left-state {:up true})
\z (swap-key racquet-left-state {:down true})
; Pressing 'j' or 'm' updates the right racquet state
\j (swap-key racquet-right-state {:up true})
\m (swap-key racquet-right-state {:down true})
(defn handle-keyrelease
; Releasing the keys stops the racquet
(case e
\a (swap-key racquet-left-state {:up false})
\z (swap-key racquet-left-state {:down false})
\j (swap-key racquet-right-state {:up false})
\m (swap-key racquet-right-state {:down false})
(defn new-game
[width height]
(let [bleacher-height 200
court-height (- height bleacher-height)
racquet-height (/ court-height 5)
ball-starting-sx 0.3]
{:ball {:x (/ width 2)
:y (+ (/ court-height 2) bleacher-height)
:ball-starting-sx ball-starting-sx
:sx ball-starting-sx
:sy (rand-ball-arc)}
:speed 0.5
:increment 0.05
:player-left-score 0
:player-right-score 0
:racquet-left-pos 400
:racquet-right-pos 400
:state *paused*
:window-width width
:window-height height
:bleacher-height bleacher-height
:lane-size 5
:ball-size 10
:score-height (/ bleacher-height 2)
:court-width width
:court-height court-height
:racquet-distance 10 ; How far from the court side walls
:racquet-speed 0.6 ; How fast the racquet moves
:racquet-width 10
:racquet-height racquet-height
:racquet-middle-height (/ racquet-height 2)}))
(defn main
(let [frame (new JFrame "Clojure Pong")
start-time (System/currentTimeMillis)
toolkit (. Toolkit getDefaultToolkit)
ge (GraphicsEnvironment/getLocalGraphicsEnvironment)
gd (. ge getDefaultScreenDevice)]
(doto frame
(.setDefaultCloseOperation JFrame/EXIT_ON_CLOSE)
(.setUndecorated true)
;(.setIgnoreRepaint true) ; This is supposed to give us extra FPS, but I see to diference
(.setResizable false))
(.setFullScreenWindow gd frame)
(doto frame
(.setVisible true)
(.createBufferStrategy 2)
(proxy [KeyListener] []
(keyPressed [e]
(handle-keypress (.getKeyChar e)))
(keyReleased [e]
(handle-keyrelease (.getKeyChar e)))
(keyTyped [e])))
; Makes sure everything inside the frame fits
(loop [time start-time
old-time start-time
game (new-game (.. toolkit getScreenSize width) (.. toolkit getScreenSize height))
fps 0
frame-counter 0
one-second 0]
(let [step (- time old-time)
new-fps? (>= one-second 1000)]
(drawn frame game fps)
(recur (System/currentTimeMillis)
(if (= @game-state *running*) (update-game game step) game)
(if new-fps? frame-counter fps)
(if new-fps? 0 (inc frame-counter))
(if new-fps? 0 (+ one-second step)))))))