A leiningen plugin to use git tags as the source of project information.
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I'm a big fan of DRY. I already have version information in git for my projects. Remembering to maintain that information in my project.clj is a PITA. So... Here's a Leiningen plugin to obtain a version identifier from git, using:

git describe --match 'v*.*' --abbrev=4 --dirty=**DIRTY**

It uses annotated git tags (those set with git tag -a) as the authoritative source of version information for your project.

It then substitutes that version into the project on the fly, so every lein task that uses the project version sees the one obtained from git.

In addition, it injects a file into /src//version.clj, containing a def for the version.


Put [org.clojars.cvillecsteele/lein-git-version "1.0.0"] into the :plugins vector of your project.clj.

That's it. The version string set in your project.clj will be ignored, and all lein tasks relying on it will instead see the git-ified version.

For example, with a project.clj that looks like this:

(defproject nifty "bLAH BLaH"
  :description "Do nifty things"

You can do this:

$ git tag -a -m "First version!" v1.0.0
$ lein git-version
$ lein jar
Created /Users/colinsteele/Projects/nifty/target/nifty-1.0.0.jar
$ cat src/nifty/version.clj
;; Do not edit.  Generated by lein-git-version plugin
(ns nifty.version)
(def version "1.0.0")


Copyright © 2012 Colin Steele

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.