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Some blinking stars in CSS3 with fallback option
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Some blinking stars in CSS3 gradients and animations, with a fallback option.

Created by Jose Manuel Gómez Poveda for the Night Earth website.

To add stars to your website, just add the following lines to the head section:

<script src="blinkingstars.js"></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="blinkingstars.css">

And the following line at the beginning of the body section:

<div id="blinkingstars"></div>

You must include the following files in your project (or embed their content):

  • blinkingstars.css
  • blinkingstars.js

Optionally, if you want static stars in addition to the blinking ones, include the file "stars.png" as well, and use the "staticstars" ID in the div:

<div class="staticstars" id="blinkingstars"></div>

If you found this useful, please provide the corresponding attribution and/or link to this repository.

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