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Terraform module to deploy WireGuard on AWS
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A Terraform module to deploy a WireGuard VPN server on AWS.


Before using this module, you'll need to generate a key pair for your server and client, and store the server's private key and client's public key in AWS SSM, which cloud-init will source and add to WireGuard's configuration.

  • Install the WireGuard tools for your OS:
  • Generate a key pair for each client
    • wg genkey | tee client1-privatekey | wg pubkey > client1-publickey
  • Generate a key pair for the server
    • wg genkey | tee server-privatekey | wg pubkey > server-publickey
  • Add the server private key to the AWS SSM parameter: /wireguard/wg-server-private-key
    • aws ssm put-parameter --name /wireguard/wg-server-private-key --type SecureString --value $ServerPrivateKeyValue
  • Add each client's public key, along with the next available IP address as a key:value pair to the wg_client_public_keys map. See Usage for details.


Variable Name Type Required Description
public_subnet_ids list Yes A list of subnets for the Autoscaling Group to use for launching instances. May be a single subnet, but it must be an element in a list.
ssh_key_id string Yes A SSH public key ID to add to the VPN instance.
vpc_id string Yes The VPC ID in which Terraform will launch the resources.
ami_id string No. Defaults to Ubuntu 16.04 AMI in us-east-1 The AMI ID to use.
env string No. Defaults "prod" The name of environment for WireGuard. Used to differentiate multiple deployments.
wg_client_public_keys list Yes. List of maps of client IPs and public keys. See Usage for details.


module "wireguard" {
  source            = ""
  ssh_key_id        = "ssh-key-id-0987654"
  vpc_id            = "vpc-01234567"
  public_subnet_ids = ["subnet-01234567"]
  wg_client_public_keys = [
    {"" = "QFX/DXxUv56mleCJbfYyhN/KnLCrgp7Fq2fyVOk/FWU="},
    {"" = "+IEmKgaapYosHeehKW8MCcU65Tf5e4aXIvXGdcUlI0Q="},
    {"" = "WO0tKrpUWlqbl/xWv6riJIXipiMfAEKi51qvHFUU30E="},


Output Name Description
vpn_ip The public IPv4 address of the AWS Elastic IP assigned to the instance.
vpn_sg_id ID of the internal Security Group to associate with other resources needing to be accessed on VPN


  • I would strongly recommend forking this repo or cloning it locally and change the source definition to be something that you control. You really don't want your infra to be at the mercy of my changes.


  • Support multiple clients.
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