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Hello and welcome to my little portfolio of work. Below you'll find some education related projects, personal projects, and tinker-ville projects that I've worked on over time.

Education: Udacity Grow with Google Challenge

Education: Udacity Android Basics Nanodegree (GwG Scholarship Winner)

Android Basics Nanodegree Certificate


Education: Introduction to GAME DESIGN, PROTOTYPING, and DEVELOPMENT

Education: Udemy Ultimate Guide to Game Development with Unity

Side Projects and Tinkers

  • IsGame.Online

    • A simple tromp through learning NodeJS, through the creation of an Amazon Alexa Skill.
    • Simple skill that checks the online status of select video games. For example, Secret World Legends.
    • Repository
  • Azure KeyVault HSM XMLSigning

    • Example command line project for demonstrating signed XML documents using keys stored in Azure Key Vault HSM.
    • Repository
  • Docker-Moodle Fork

    • Forked from Jade Auer, and maintained after Jade deprecated her distribution.
    • Simple containerized moodle image using linked repositories and git repo monitoring to inact rebuilds.
    • Repository

    • Website using community themes and JekyllRB for an orthadontist.
    • Repository

    • General blank JekyllRB site for a plot of property.
    • Repository
  • ADFS User Mapping API

    • ADFS User Mapping API backend for returning a UPN of input value. (Proof of Concept)
    • This tool was quickly put together to prove the concept of altering a user account that is entered into a username field in the ADFS portal authenticaiton, and transforming it into a different ID.
    • Repository
  • Node App Lab Splat

    • Designed to consume Microsoft SQL and provide a few endpoints to point load generators at.
    • Repository
  • F5 OTP User Email Mapping

    • This web service is used in a F5 ILX workflow to return an email address for a given user id.
    • Repository
  • NodeVerify

    • This project is used to create generic CPU load in conjunction with a load generator. It was a basic app used in testing and validating container orchestrators.
    • Cross platform release with Azure Pipelines delivering both linux and windows containers to
    • Repository

Certifications: New and Old

  • DCA Docker Certified Associate (active) Verify
  • MCSE Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer on 2000, 2003 (Inactive)
  • MCSA Charter Member Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator on 2003 (Inactive)
  • CCNA Cisco Certified Network Associate (Inactive)
  • CCDA Cisco Certified Design Associate (Inactive)
  • ACA Avaya Certified Associate (Inactive)
  • CCEA Citrix Certified Enterprise Administrator (Inactive)


Portfolio of work.



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