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K3-SimpleAuth Module

A Ko3 Module by John Hobbs


This module provides super simple role based auth for controllers. It requires the Auth module.


K3-SimpleAuth is a simple, standard module.

  1. Drop the source in your MODPATH folder.
  2. Add the module to Kohana::modules in your bootstrap.php


To use K3-SimpleAuth you need to extend your controllers from either the "Controller_Auth" or "Controller_Auth_Template" classes.

These classes will then control access to actions based on the user's roles and the $auth member.

You can block actions off as needed, rules are processed in descending order.

The character '*' is used as a wildcard.


$auth = array(
  // Only roles 'admin' can reach this
  'one' => 'admin',
  // Only roles 'manager' _and_ 'admin' can reach this
  'two' => array( 'manager', 'admin'  ),
  // Anyone logged in can reach this
  'three' => '*',
  // Anyone can access this action, logged in or out
  'four' => false,
  // Any other action can only be reached by those with the 'view' role
  '*' => 'view',
  // This rule is never reached, because of the wildcard rule directly above
  'five' => 'admin', 

To change the default actions taken, simply override these two methods:

protected function _not_authorized () {
  throw new HTTP_Exception_403();
protected function _not_logged_in () {
  $this->session->set( 'return-to', Request::$current->url() );
  throw new HTTP_Exception_401();