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RainForrst is a quick little file to access the Forrst API.

I wrote it for the v1 API, and added v2 support on 2011-05-06


import RainForrst

api = RainForrst.Forrst( 2 ) # The argument here is the API version

# Query through the API to get a user object
jmhobbs = username='jmhobbs' )
print "John's ID:",

# Directly create a user object
kyle = RainForrst.objects.User( 2, username='kyle' )
print "Kyle's Posts:\n"
for post in kyle.posts():
  print '"%s"\n' % post.title.strip()

Would print something like this:

John's ID: 3199
Kyle's Posts:

"Keith whipped up this really simple FAQ design. I'm digging the typography, how about you? It's all built using, too."


"Which JQuery Rich Text Editor plugin(s) would you recommend?"

All API calls will either return a response object or raise an exception.


RainForrst is in flux at the moment (like the Forrst API) so it has minimal test suites.

You can run what it has with nose.

$ cd RainForrst
$ nosetests
Ran 2 tests in 0.454s



$ python install