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JavaScript parser for todo.txt formatted text files.
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jsTodoTxt is a library for working with todo.txt formatted files in JavaScript.


jsTodoTxt attempts to match the todo.txt format exactly.

To do so, I've written 50+ tests using the Jasmine library.


There are two ways to work with jsTodoTxt (hint: they overlap)

The TodoTxtItem Class

The class TodoTxtItem encapsulates the core of the library.

Data Members

These are all the data members available on an item:

text      // The core text of the item
priority  // The priority level of the item as string [A-Z]
complete  // Boolean
completed // Date completed
date      // Date attached to object, typically with a comlete item
contexts  // Array, contexts for the object, e.g. @Home == "Home"
projects  // Array, projects fot the object, e.g. +Chores == "Chores"


Create a new item, protentially loading it from a string.

// Fresh new item!
var newItem = new TodoTxtItem();
newItem.text = "Cool!";

// Create an item from a string
var existingItem = new TodoTxtItem( "(A) Try out jsTodoTxt" );
console.log( existingItem.priority ); // Logs "A"


Render the item back to a string.

var item = new TodoTxtItem( "(B) Try out jsTodoTxt" );
item.priority = 'A';
item.text = 'Try out jsTodoTxt';
item.contexts = [ 'Computer' ];
console.log( item.toString() );
// Logs: "(A) Try out jsTodoTxt @Computer"

item.complete = true;
item.completed = new Date();
console.log( item.toString() );
// Logs: "x 2011-07-24 (A) Try out jsTodoTxt @Computer"


Parse a string into the item.

var newItem = new TodoTxtItem();
newItem.parse( "(A) Try out jsTodoTxt" );
console.log( newItem.priority ); // Logs: "A"

The TodoTxt Object Literal (Static Methods)

TodoTxt provides four utility methods:


This method takes a block of text and does it's best to return an array of tasks, as TodoTxtItem objects.

var items = TodoTxt.parse( big_block_of_text );
console.log( items[0].priority )


This method takes a single line and parses it into a single TodoTxtItem. Really, you should use the constructor.

var item = TodoTxt.parse( "(A) Try out jsTodoTxt" );
console.log( item.priority ); // Logs: "A"


This method renders an array of TodoTxtItem objects to a string.

var string = TodoTxt.render( [ ... array of TodoTxtItem objects ... ] );


This method renders a single TodoTxtItem to string. Really, you should just use toString.

var item = new TodoTxtItem( "(A) Learn to use toString" );
console.log( TodoTxt.renderItem( item ) ); // Logs:  "(A) Learn to use toString"

About todo.txt

todo.txt is a format for storing todo lists in a future-proof format.

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