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A collection of little scripts to run on your USB7
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What is it?

pyUSB7 is a collection of scripts designed for use with the USB7 hardware display kit from These scripts use pySerial and are designed to run on Linux, but can be run on Windows.

You can see a demo of some of the tools and effects at


Why not? This is a fun and easy piece of hardware, so why not have some fun and easy scripts available?


According to the Linux driver page the USB7 will not work on unpatched 2.6.23 and later kernels.

Some known working kernels are:


pyUSB7 is untested on Windows. It should work though.


These scripts are written with the 3.0 protocol in mind. The major difference is that 3.0 instances have a full (if somewhat ugly) alpha character set. Most will work with 1.x & 2.0, but be aware of versioning if you see strange behavior.


pyUSB7 scripts are released under the MIT license. See the file "LICENSE" for details.

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