Latest commit 22c9bde Jan 11, 2017 @dencold dencold committed with Simplify go get installation by committing all dependencies (#13)
* adding terminal-parrot dependencies
- all dependencies now contained in go's canonical `vendor` directory
- dependencies managed via glide
- allows for super easy installation via `go install`

* simplifying installation instructions for go get on README


:parrot: for your terminal



Either grab a build on the releases page or clone and run...

$ go get -u github.com/jmhobbs/terminal-parrot
$ terminal-parrot


There is a tap for this as well, it's jmhobbs/parrot

brew tap jmhobbs/parrot
brew install terminal-parrot


Hit the escape key to quit.


You can limit your parrots enthusiasm with the -loops flag.


Set the frame delay with the -delay flag (defaults to 75, use 25 for :fastparrot:)


Use -orientation aussie for our friends down under.


Idea from seeing this tweet from @rachsmithtweets

Thanks to termbox-go for making it easy.

Thanks to jp2a for nice ASCII art conversion.