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:parrot: for your terminal



Either grab a build on the releases page or clone and run...

$ go get -u github.com/jmhobbs/terminal-parrot
$ terminal-parrot


There is a tap for this as well, it's jmhobbs/parrot

brew tap jmhobbs/parrot
brew install terminal-parrot


The image is available on docker hub

docker pull jmhobbs/terminal-parrot
docker run -it --rm jmhobbs/terminal-parrot:latest

You can also build a docker image locally and run it in a container with...

docker build -t partyparrot ./
docker run -it --rm partyparrot (-args)


Hit the escape key to quit.


You can limit your parrots enthusiasm with the -loops flag.


Set the frame delay with the -delay flag (defaults to 75, use 25 for :fastparrot:)


Use -orientation aussie for our friends down under.


Idea from seeing this tweet from @rachsmithtweets

Thanks to termbox-go for making it easy.

Thanks to jp2a for nice ASCII art conversion.

Thanks to erinking for fixing colors and animation frames

Thanks to pdevine for the Dockerfile (and robbyoconnor for reviving the PR I let go stale)