Hacked Up Webcam + Radiation Source = Random Numbers?
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What is it?

  1. Scrape the glass off of a webcam.
  2. Rip apart a smoke alarm.
  3. Smush them together.
  4. Use it to generate random numbers with the radiation.
  5. Make friends and share your data!

No really, what is it?

I saw this video The Webcam Alpha Scintillator then built my own and decided that this might be a good RNG.

So, this git repo is a piece of software that does the following:

  1. Loops over the pixels in a frame from a webcam.
  2. When it finds a bright enough pixel (from the radiation) it gets the index number.
  3. It then shifts the least significant bit of the index int onto a byte.
  4. When it has shifted a full bytes worth, it saves the byte to a file.
  5. The file should be random data.

So, is it working?

Short answer, I think so. Long answer, I don't know.

I need to build up a big enough sample of data before I'll know for sure. At that point I'll run a statistical analysis and if it all looks good I'll build something like random.org.

Hey, ur doin it wrong.

Am I? I know very little about all of the things I am doing here. If I have a misplaced assumption and you know better, PLEASE let me know so I can fix it or abandon the project.

Thanks, you're a peach.


Previous Works

These are some links to existing work that is similar. I found all of these after I had completed my hardware and my basic software.

Other Links of Note