A nice implementation of the gmail floating button bar.
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Heya. I go into detail below, and then the questions reiterated after that.

How the Gmail floating button bar works

This is an implementation of the Gmail floating button bar. You can see the Gmail version in action by clicking on an email thread in it, and watching the Archive button as you scroll down the page.

The original bones of the first implementation in jquery are from webspeaks jquery tutorial. However, that implementation relies heavily on the button bar having position:absolute and the top attributes set in its CSS. This doesn't really work out for a whole lot of uses cases.

Instead, this implementation is a reverse engineering of what Gmail itself does. And by "reverse engineering", I definitely mean "cargo-culting".

The first trick is that when the user scrolls down past where the button bar was original rendered, Gmail will insert a div before the button bar that has the same height as the button bar.

At that same time, it also sets the style attribute to "position:fixed!important; top:0px;" on the button bar div in order to make it scroll down with the user at the top of the browser window. Browers also seem to reset the width of the button bar div when you do this, so the style attribute is set back to original width of the div before the scrolling is crucial. Gmail also sets the original left back on the div (which this implementation does as well) but I haven't found the case where this is necessary. Like I said, cargo culting.

I do not know why these settings have to be done in the style attribute. Adding a class with the appropriate CSS seems to simply do nothing.

When the user scrolls back up to where the button bar was, the inserted div is removed from the DOM and the style on the button bar div is cleared out.

My Questions

  1. Do you have any idea why the element insertion makes this work?
  2. Why does setting the style attribute work but adding a class with the same CSS not?
  3. Why is the width (possibly the left?) of the button bar div reset by the browser when you scroll, forcing the implementation to include the original width and left in the style attribute? (May be because of the div insertion?)