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Python 2
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Joe Holleran Python 2 Fall 2019


The projects in this GitHub are Joe Holleran's portfolio from Python 2 at CCAC (Fall 2019).

Projects GitHub for Python 2

To Be Determined

Goals in Python 2

My goal in Python 2 is to learn useful skills in Python to help with my job and future learning endeavors.

I have taken courses in Data Analytics, Python 1 and Java, as of Fall 2019, and would like to further my programming skills.

I'd like to learn more with web scraping and data analytics, such as NumPy, BeautifulSoup, and other modules I'm not aware of currently.

Projects in Python 2

To Be Determined

Academic and Career Background

I graduated from Grove City College in Spring 2010 with a major in Finance.

I currently work for a property & casualty insurance company as a Senior Auditor in the western Pennsylvania and northeast Ohio territory.

My academic goals are mainly professional with an eye towards applying for the MISM program at Carnegie Mellon to start in Fall 2020.

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