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Manage your RSVPs with listtr
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Manage your RSVPs with listtr
A fullstack web application built with Node.js & Express.js as the server, React.js as the frontend framework and MongoDB as the backend infrastructure.


Why listtr?
Flipping through pages of RSVPs for your events can be a tedious process. Listtr provides a simple platform for hosts to create their guest lists, send out invites and manage their RSVPs in real-time as the event goes live.

How to install

Open your terminal and type the following commands:

$ git clone
$ cd listtr
$ cd backend
$ npm install
$ cd ..
$ cd frontend
$ yarn install

To run the web application, you will need to setup:

  1. Cloudinary account - for image upload
  2. Sendgrid - to send email invitation
  3. mLab - for database

Collect all the secret keys and save them in .env file under the backend folder

To run the code:

$ cd backend
$ nodemon --exec npm start
$ cd ..
$ cd frontend
$ yarn start


listtr is open-source. Feel free to fork and contribute

Current contributors:

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