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A WordPress plugin to retrieve user game collections using the BoardGameGeek API.
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Board Game Collector

Board Game Collector is a custom WordPress plugin that connects to the BoardGameGeek API. It retrieves information about a user's game collection, creates or updates a related custom post type in the database, saves its metadata, and attaches the box art as a featured image.


There are a few options available to install this plugin, both of which involve using Composer. You could:

  • Clone this repository to your wp-content directory, then run composer install from the plugin's directory. Or:
  • Call composer require jmichaelward/board-game-collector from a project that is installing multiple plugins from Composer.

In either case, the plugin relies on the existence of the Composer class autoloader to instantiate its classes at runtime, so you'll need it one way or another until I either decide to submit this to the WordPress repository (thereby shipping an autoloader with it).


Once activated, the plugin registers a custom post type, taxonomy, and settings page all under the "Games" tab of your admin that will be used to track your game data. By visiting Games > BGG Settings, you can enter your BoardGameGeek user name to begin syncing your collection to WordPress.

Board Game Collector registers a WP-CLI command, which have been made available to you after running composer install. Once you've configured your settings page, running wp bgc update should go and fetch all of your games, their images, and their current status (e.g., own,previously owned, wishlist, and so on) from BoardGameGeek. At the time of this writing, what you want to do with that data after that is up to you. That said, as of 4/12/19, I'm revisiting this repo again with a refreshed sense of purpose, and am hoping to make it better and more usable for myself, and hopefully for you, too! You can keep an eye on the (issues)[] page here on GitHub for a sense of upcoming features.

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