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2019 version of my personal website.
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My professional web development career began with an internship at an agency in Minneapolis, where I built custom WordPress themes for non-profits and small businesses while I finished my associate's degree at my local community college. Prior to college, I'd built static sites for bands and friends, and though structured classwork taught me the basics of computer programming, I quickly realized how different real-life project work can be.

Over the subsequent years, I've learned a lot about WordPress in particular, but have done what I can to stay on top of the broader PHP community in general. I've learned about Composer, other open-source frameworks, reliable libraries, testing tools, and so on. During the day, I do what I can to incorporate what I've learned into my work, but I've come to realize that I'm not really bringing over these techniques into my personal projects.

In the past two years in particular, I've shifted from full-stack development into more specialized PHP development, and I can feel that I'm losing some of the skills I've gained over time. The purpose of this project is two-fold:

  1. I get sick of my old website about every other year or so, so it's time to rebuild, and
  2. I want to both get back to the basics and also flex a bit about what I know about modern PHP work flows.

In 2019, I'll be continuing to explore non-WordPress PHP platform, as well as dabble and build small projects in other languages. The web is too vast and there's too much fascinating information out there to keep churning out the same old work. 2019 is all about growing my Circle of Knowledge.

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