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A starter boilerplate for WordPress plugin development.
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WP Plugin Starter

Development has just begun on this plugin; the goal is to create an intuitive starting point for beginning plugin development by providing some out-of-the-box scaffolding, and eliminating the need to perform manual string replacements on things like plugin names, class namespaces, author names, URLs, and more.

This example plugin requires the WP Plugin Starter Init Symfony Console command as a development dependency. Eventually, the idea is that this dependency will get triggered upon use of the composer create-project command, opening an interactive wizard that will ask you for your replacement terms.

Following confirmation of your entered terms, the replacement process will begin, and from there, you'll have a functioning plugin at your own namespace, and you can start building out its functionality.


To give it a try, you can run the following command:

composer create jmichaelward/wp-plugin-starter your-project-name.

This will create a directory named your-project-name from the location where the command was called, and will automatically download the required dependencies.

Once the plugin is installed, cd your-project-name, then run ./vendor/bin/wp-plugin-starter-init. As of right now, you will be asked simply for a namespace matching the Vendor\PackageName convention. After submitting this namespace, your main plugin file should get updated to your-project-name.php and the main plugin file and Plugin.php file will be updated to reflect the Vendor\PackageName value you entered.

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