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Experimental port of some GAP functionality to Julia
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This is my effort porting GAP code to Julia, specifically the Chevie package of GAP3 plus the minimal other GAP functionality needed: Cyclotomics, Permutations, polynomials, and basic permutation group operations.

I am rather new to Julia, git and github so I am not even sure this package is properly constituted; I did not try yet to register it. If you are more competent that me and see any anomaly in this package, please write me or make a pull request.


If you are new to Julia, to install this package, at the Julia command line:

  • enter package mode with ]
  • do the command
(v1.0) pkg> add ""
  • exit package mode with backspace and then do
julia> using Gapjm

and you are set up.

To update later to the latest version, do

(v1.0) pkg> update ""
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