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@author: Jonathan Mickle
@summary: Traverses a through multi level dictionaries to diff them and return the changes -- Thanks to @tobywolf <> for correcting logic
@param original: takes in the original unmodified JSON
@param modified: Takes in the modified json file for comparison
@return: a json dictionary of changes key-> value
def diffDict(original, modified):
if isinstance(original, dict) and isinstance(modified, dict):
changes = {}
for key, value in modified.iteritems():
if isinstance(value, dict):
innerDict = diffDict(original[key], modified[key])
if innerDict != {}:
changes[key] = {}
if original.has_key(key):
if value != original[key]:
changes[key] = value
changes[key] = value
return changes
raise Exception('parameters must be a dictionary')