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sprockets-dotjs: doT.js in Sprockets

doT.js is an extremely fast JavaScript templating engine built for client side use and use with node.js. sprockets-dotjs makes it easy to use doT.js templates in Ruby web apps with Sprockets. Using sprockets-dotjs, your JS templates will be automatically be along with the rest of your assets in Sprockets. For example, Ruby on Rails users can take advantage of this feature in the Asset Pipeline. Precompiling assets on the server side saves precious browser cycles that would otherwise be wasted compiling the assets after downloading them.

sprockets-dotjs requires Rails 3.0 or above.

How to Use

Simply include the gem in your Gemfile and then run bundle install

gem 'sprockets-dotjs', :git => 'git://', :require => 'sprockets-dotjs'

Then create your doT.js template file in your assets/javascripts directory. Your templates must end with the extension .jst.djs in order to be processed as doT.js templates. The templates will then be available under the JST variable within the scope JST was created in (this is window by default, so window.JST or simply JST will give you access to the templates). For example:


<h1>This is my homepage.  Hello {{= name }}</h1>

can be accessed with JST['templates/home']({ name: 'Joe' })

Compatibility with other Templates

sprockets-dotjs is compatible with other JS template libraries that compile correctly under the .jst extension in Sprockets. For instance, Sprockets supports EJS templates (based on ERB templates), and sprockets-dotjs does not interfere with that support.


This is a very bare bones plugin setup, so any suggestions or updates are greatly appreciated. Simply submit a pull request to add to the code base.


Precompile doT.js templates with Sprockets




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