SimpleCAS integration for authenticating users in Symfony2
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This bundle integrates SimpleCAS into Symfony2, which allows users to be authenticated against a CAS server.


PEAR Dependencies

This bundle depends on SimpleCAS, which can be installed via PEAR:

$ pear channel-discover
$ pear install simplecas/SimpleCAS-alpha

SimpleCAS depends on HTTP_Request2, which itself depends on Net_URL2. You may have to install these packages manually if PEAR does not handle the dependency on its own.

Alternatively, a SimpleCAS git repository is available, which contains a patch for logout service redirection support.

Application Kernel

Add SimpleCASBundle to the registerBundles() method of your application kernel:

public function registerBundles()
    return array(
        new Bundle\SimpleCASBundle\SimpleCASBundle(),

Class Autoloading

Since this bundle depends on PEAR libraries for dependency injection, their prefixes should be added to the project-level autoload.php file:

    'HTTP_'      => '/usr/share/php',
    'SimpleCAS_' => '/usr/share/php',

The above example assumes that the PEAR libraries were installed to /usr/share/php. It may be more convenient to place these libraries in the vendor/ path of your project:

    'HTTP_'      => __DIR__ . '/vendor/pear',
    'SimpleCAS_' => __DIR__ . '/vendor/simplecas',


Application config.yml

Enable loading of the SimpleCAS service by adding the following to the application's config.yml file:

simplecas.client: ~

This will enable the service default parameters defined in the dependency injection XML configuration. An example of more specific configuration options follows:

  uri:      cas
    method: GET
      adapter:         curl
      ssl_verify_peer: true
      ssl_cafile:      /etc/ssl/certs/tomcat-cas.pem

See also:

Logout Service Redirection

By default, the logout page for a CAS server renders a link to whatever value is passed as the "url" query string parameter. This is standard behavior for the SimpleCAS library as well.

For cases where you would rather have your CAS server immediately redirect to a URL after logging out, CAS allows a followServiceRedirects property to be set in the XML configuration for LogoutController. This option will check for a "service" query string parameter and redirect to its value after processing the logout request.

Support for this feature was added in the SimpleCAS git repository, and SimpleCASBundle also has built-in support for the option:

  logout_service_redirect: true

See also:

Templating Helper

A templating helper, named "simplecas", exists to provide access to is/get methods on the SimpleCAS client service to view templates. This helper can be enabled with:

simplecas.helper: ~

Database Adapter

Typically, you will end up using the principal identifier for the authenticated user to fetch a user object from the database. SimpleCASBundle supports this using a database adapters, and the SimpleCAS class has two methods to faciliate fetching user objects for the authenticated principal.

Doctrine ODM MongoDB

The Doctrine ODM MongoDB adapter may be configured as:

  name: doctrine.odm.mongodb
    document_name:    Application\ApplicationBundle\Document\User
    principal_field:  _id

The above example will use the default document manager for ODM and attempt to match the principal identifier from CAS to the _id field on the given document. Both document_name and principal_field are required options. An optional document_manager option exists to request a specific document manager by name.