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In Three Steps:

  1. Deploy this code
  2. Collect membership dues via credit card
  3. Profit!!!

Connected Parts

• Website source code is Rails 5 • Credit card handling is done by Stripe • Webhosting is done by Heroku • Collaborate on this code via Github


This is a Rails 5 app. It was fast and easy enough to get started.


Quick Start:

  1. You can simply clone this app and work on it like any other rails app.

    $ git clone
    $ cd member-dues
    $ bundle install
    $ rake db:create
  2. Test functionality with dummy Stripe keys:

    $ PUBLISHABLE_KEY=pk_test_rxoZuyJe2us6IaFWXVOSSLEp SECRET_KEY=sk_test_kOutrH0hrnBZKKl9ZSzDyZ5M rails s

    Navigate to http://localhost:3000/ and see if you can make a test CC charge. Use Dummy CC# 4242 4242 4242 4242.

  3. Profit!!!

More Details

Here's what I did to get this up and running:

  1. Create a Stripe account. To activate and begin to receive $$ you will need to enter bank account info and validate your account with personal info.

  2. Install RVM or some other ruby environmental manager. I used rails 5.0.1 with ruby 2.3.3 for the instructions below. So you will need at least these versions.

  3. Install the Heroku CLI. Not strictly necessary, but super useful via command-line.

  4. Install postgresql database. On a Mac I followed this tutorial:

    $ brew install postgresql

    Then it says to setup postgresql by default on system boot, so do this:

    # To have launchd start postgresql at login:
    $ ln -sfv /usr/local/opt/postgresql/*plist ~/Library/LaunchAgents
  5. Continue working in the terminal by following this tutorial:

    Note, you will need to use postgresql as the database, because sqlite3 is NOT allowed by Heroku. I did something like this:

    $ rails new member-dues --database=postgresql
    $ cd member-dues
    $ git init
    $ git add .
    $ git commit -a -m "initial commit"
    $ bundle install
    $ rake db:create ## THIS IS CRITICAL to initiate the postgresql database

    Now test that the server works:

    $ rails s

    Navigate to: http://localhost:3000/ If you didn't receive any errors, and you see the Rails welcome, you are golden.

  6. According to the Heroku tutorial:

    Rails 5 no longer has a static index page in production. When you’re using a new app, there will not be a root page in production, so we need to create one. We will first create a controller... for our home page to live

    But that's fine, we are going to make the member dues charge page anyway and make that the homepage.

    Follow this tutorial:

    Edit the Gemfile and add:

    # Add Stripe gem so we can take payments via credit cards
    gem 'stripe'

    near the top.

    then back in the terminal:

    $ bundle install

    to install the gem.

    Then create the membership controller:

    $ rails g controller memberships

    Make SURE you use PLURAL names for your controllers. Controller name membership as singular will NOT work properly.

    Follow the rest of the stripe tutorial. Eventually you will want to test locally with test stripe public and secret keys, you can use these test keys:

    $ PUBLISHABLE_KEY=pk_test_rxoZuyJe2us6IaFWXVOSSLEp SECRET_KEY=sk_test_kOutrH0hrnBZKKl9ZSzDyZ5M rails s

    Test charge with dummy CC# 4242 4242 4242 4242, it should process successfully. Yay!

  7. Although this is just the skeleton, let's immediately deploy it to Heroku to make sure all the pieces fit together. Choose a Heroku app name (I suggest 'members-YourOrganization'). You can change this later with your web hosting provider to point to the Heroku DNS. Let's just get it working.

    $ heroku login
    $ heroku apps:create members-YourOrganization
    $ git remote -v
    $ git push heroku master

    Setup Heroku with test keys:

    $ heroku config:set PUBLISHABLE_KEY=pk_test_rxoZuyJe2us6IaFWXVOSSLEp SECRET_KEY=sk_test_kOutrH0hrnBZKKl9ZSzDyZ5M

    Your site should now be live at and you should be able process a test charge.

    Refer to Heroku documentation for how to have your domain name (such as point to Heroku and make the user experience more optimal.


Follow these tutorials:

Rails 5 application deployment to Heroku:

Stripe Checkout via Rails: