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Discord bot for EA's SWGoH mobile game
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Bots for Discord


This is a bot I made to make looking up recommended setups for the game more convenient, since so many people use Discord to communicate. It has since become so much more than I'd initially planned, and should become much more in time.


Support me on

Contributing to the repository

First, you will need to create a GitHub Account


If you're interested in helping translate this bot into a language other than English, either download this repository or the file from /languages/en-US.

Firstly, please do NOT use a translator like Google Translate, native speakers will notice. (They're not perfect)

I know it may be hard to know what to translate, so here's an example. How you'd find the translations for the help command in the file, in English:

    // Help Command
    COMMAND_HELP_HEADER: (prefix) => `= Command List =\n\n[Use ${prefix}help <commandname> for details]\n`,
    COMMAND_HELP_OUTPUT: (command, prefix) => `= ${} = \n${} \nAliases:: ${command.conf.aliases.join(", ")}\nUsage:: ${prefix}${}`,
        description: "Displays info about available commands.",
        actions: [
                action: "",
                actionDesc: '',
                usage: ';help [command]',
                args: {
                    "command": "The command you want to look up info on."

And here's how it looks after it's been translated to German:

    // Help Command
    COMMAND_HELP_HEADER: (prefix) => `= Kommandoliste =\n\n[Benutze ${prefix}Help <Kommandoname> fuer Details]\n`,
    COMMAND_HELP_OUTPUT: (command, prefix) => `= ${} = \n${} \nAliases:: ${command.conf.aliases.join(", ")}\n Befehl:: ${prefix}${}`,
        description: "Zeigt die verfuegbaren Kommandos an.",
        actions: [
                action: "",
                actionDesc: '',
                usage: ';help [Kommando]',
                args: {
                    "Kommando": "Das Kommando, zu dem Du die Hilfe aufrufen willst."

What to change and what not to

  • Anything fully capitalized like COMMAND_HELP_HEADER is the key/name I use to get the translated text to use elsewhere, and needs to stay as-is.
  • The (prefix) => needs to be left alone, as that's how I pass vairables through to the strings.
  • In the strings, anything inside ${stuff} is a variable and needs to be left alone as well. From the example above, in COMMAND_HELP_HEADER, the prefix is being passed into the header so it knows wht to put there, so since the default prefix is ;, Use ${prefix}help would show as Use ;help
  • Other than that, anything inside the various quotes, be it ` `, '', or "", should be safe to change.
  • In the COMMAND_HELP_HELP, anything before the : needs to stay the same, so the description, actions, etc.

Making a new command or updates to anything

  • If you are wanting to make a new command, there is a template at /templates/command.js for you to start off of.
  • If you're wanting to make changes to something, go for it, then upload them as described below. If you need help understanding something, feel free to stop by the support server and I'll do what I can to help

Uploading the changes

You can make a Pull Request, check here for more information on that as needed.

If you don't want to mess with that, or don't understand how to, feel free to stop by the support server for help or upload your translation in hastebin or Gist GitHub and send it to me on the support server.

Bug Reporting

If you find something that's breaking or needs to be fixed (Bad translation, command output not working correctly, or something else), come by the support server and let me know


While I'd recommend just using the one that I host, you can run a copy yourself.



Firstly, you'll need to set up the bot account, so you can get the token and such.

In a command prompt in your projects folder (wherever that may be) run the following: git clone

Once finished:

  • In the folder from where you ran the git command, run cd SWGoHBot and then run npm install
  • Rename config_example.json to config.json
  • Edit config.json and enter your bot's token and other details as indicated. (The database part is for the postgresql db)

Starting the bot

To start the bot, in the command prompt, run the following command: node swgohbot.js

If at any point it says "cannot find module X" just run npm install X and try again.

Special thanks to York for the started bot to base this on (, to for all their mod suggestions, and to Morningstar-013 & Pete Butler, for their work in collecting a bunch of teams for the raids.

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