ICAP protocol support for netty
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ICAP Codec for JBoss Netty

This project enables full ICAP 1.0 Support in combination with JBoss Netty.



Release 2.0.0

In order to keep up to date with the latest changes at Netty we are starting a 2.0.0 stream which will integrate with the latest project layout changes at Netty.

Future releases

In order to stay in sync with the ongoing efforts with Netty and it's Netty 4 refactoring efforts we plan to adapt our project as a version 2.0 stream to the new Netty 4 stream.

We have implemented basic semantic handlers that will aggregate and separate messages and bodies for the user. We further plan to build a handler that encapsulates preview handling form a client perspective.

Another future functionality will be the implementation of the RFC draft: "icap-ext-partial-content"


Please go to http://icap.mimo.ch and contact me via the contact form.


The project is licensed under the Apache License 2.0